Who is Aaron Judge ?

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Aaron Judge, a member of the Major League Baseball and popularly known as “Aaron” to his family and supporters is an American Baseball player.

Aaron Judge made his Major League Baseball debut for the New York Yankees franchise back in 2016. Since being drafted in 2013 MLB Draft by the New York Yankees, Judge has played at an outfielder position for team. Judge is considered as one of the most effective hitters in the Major League, having already accumulated 226 home runs, he holds the record for hitting the most number of home runs in a single season (62).

Moreover, he is also the first ever New York Yankees player to have atleast 100 RBIs, 100 runs scored and 100 walks in a single season, while batting right handed. Judge has the best bats per home run ratio % (11.99).

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Who is Aaron Judge’s wife Samantha Bracksieck ?

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The exact date of birth and place is unknown as Aaron Judge Wife Samantha, hasn’t revealed anything about her personal life.

Her parents names and anything information about her siblings also remains unknown as of remain unknown. She is a shy and private kind of person and likes to keep everything private and confidential.

However, according to some reports, Aaron Judge Wife attended the Linden High School in Linden, California for her primary education.

Aaron Judge Wife attended and graduated with a bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from the Fresno State University in California.

In 2017, Bracksieck was honoured for an outstanding master’s thesis in kinesiology. Her award-winning project, titled “Posterior Elbow Angle During the Movement Phase of Throwing in Relation to the Susceptibility of UCL Injury in Major League Baseball Players,” examined elbow ligament injuries in Major League Baseball.

How did Samantha Bracksieck career began ?

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Aaron Judge Wife Samantha Bracksieck is a shy and private person and likes to keep everything private and low-key. As of now, Aaron Judge Wife Samantha hasn’t revealed anything about her professional background.

What is Samantha Bracksieck Net Worth ?


The exact Net Worth of Aaron Judge Wife Samantha Bracksieck, is still unknown as she herself hasn’t disclosed anything yet. However, She shares a massive amount of her husband, Aaron Judge’s Net Worth.

According to some reports, the Yankees star, Judge has an massive Net Worth of estimated $60 millions.

How did Aaron Judge and Samantha Bracksieck meet ?

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According to some reports,Samantha Bracksieck and Aaron met eachother during their school days in Linden High School, California.

The duo became good friends and their friendship evolved and turned into love.

Soon enough, the duo enrolled themselves together in the Fresno State University in California. They kept their relationship a secret and away from everyone’s eye.

After graduating, Judge was selected by the New York Yankees as he continued to showcase his talent to the whole world.

Although, the duo never made their relationship kept their relationship low-key and private until they were married but, Bracksieck and Judge attended quite a few public events with, like The LegaCCy Gala in 2019 and the Sports Illustrated Super Bowl party in 2020.

They also attended several charity events together.

Further, In 2019, the couple visited patients at Valley Children’s Hospital in Madera County, California, to support Judge’s foundation ALL RISE.

When did Aaron Judge and Samantha Bracksieck got married ?

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After dating for several years, MLB player, Judge and Samantha Bracksieck finally got married.

The duo tied the knot and exchanged vows on December 11, 2021 at Montage Kapalua Bay resort in Maui, Hawaii.

It was a private weeding ceremony, which was only attended by family members and close friends only.

According to sources, Judge’s Yankee teammates Gary Sanchez, Luis Cessa and Gleyber Torres were also present to give their blessings.

Who are the Kids of Aaron Judge and Samantha Bracksieck ?

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Aaron Judge married his long-term girlfriend, Samantha Bracksieck on 11 December, 2021 on a private Lavish wedding ceremony in Hawaii.

The couple are happily married since and are enjoying life currently. As of January, 2023, MLB player, Aaron Judge and wife, Samantha Bracksieck does not have any children.

Some interesting facts about Samantha Bracksieck ?


Aaron Judge’s wife, Samantha Bracksieck is a very secretive and shy kind of person and little is known about her personal life, However we have collected some of the lesser known things to the fans:

• Sadly, Aaron Judge Wife Samantha Bracksieck is not available on any social media platforms as of now. She is a very shy and private person and likes to stay away from the media eyes.

• Aaron Judge Wife Samantha Bracksieck was honoured for an outstanding master’s thesis in kinesiology in 2017.

• According to some sources, Aaron Judge and Samantha Bracksieck were school time lovebirds. They met while attending, the Linden High School, California.

How did Aaron Judge’s career began ?


Aaron James Judge was born on 26 April, 1992 in Sacramento, California and raised by foster parents, Judge led the Linden High School in Baseball, Basketball, and Football.

Prior to his graduation in 2010, Judge set multiple career and single season records at Linden High School.

He enrolled and led the Fresno State University, Fresno and played for the Fresno State Bulldogs Baseball team. During his four year stint with the Bulldogs, Judge won several awards and championships with them.

In 2013, New York Yankees drafted Aaron Judge in the Major League Baseball draft as their 32nd overall pick, he played three seasons in the Minor League before making his senior debut with the Yankees.

On 13 April, 2016 Judge made his Major League debut for the Yankees and made an significant impact with his performance. He played 95 games and had an batting average of .179/.264/.345 in his rookie season.

Since his debut, Judge has been one of the major players of the Yankees team, he has shaped them in a championship winning team. In addition, he has also won several individual awards and allocades in his career namely, Silver Slugger Award, Rookie of the Year, Al Hank Aaron Award, and AL MVP. 

Moreover, Aaron Judge has an batting average of (.283) along with 226 home runs in his career with the Yankees. He also leads the Major League Baseball in bats per home run ratio % (11.99).