Who is Joc Pederson ?

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Joc Pederson, a member of the Major League Baseball and known to his family and supporters as “Joc” is an American Baseball player.

Pederson plays for the Same Francisco Giants franchise at the Outfielder position in the field.

He had couple of stints for several teams in MLB namely, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, and Atlanta Braves.

During his 1019 games in the Major League, Pederson has hit 173 home runs during his 9 year career along with having 434 RBIs, while stealing 22 bases. He is overall 10th in best bats per home run ratio % (17.3).

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Who is Joc Pederson wife Kelsey Williams ?

 Joc Pederson Wife

Raleigh, North California is the place of birth of Joc Pederson Wife Kelsey Williams. Joc Pederson Wife was born on 22 June, 1993. As of January, 2023, Kelsey is 29 years old.

Joc Pederson Wife was born to her father, Jeff and mother, Melissa Williams. Moreover, Kelsey also have two sisters but sadly, their names remain unknown as of now.

Joc Pederson Wife attended the Amador Valley High School in California and completed her primary education.

Further, Joc Pederson Wife Kelsey attended and graduated with her bachelor’s  degree in Psychology from Duke University.

Joc Pederson Wife was an avid sports lover, as she played a number of different sport during her University days, namely, Softball and Volleyball.

How did Kelsey Williams career began?

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Joc Pederson Wife Kelsey is an shy and private kind of person and likes to keep everything low-key and confidential. However, after marrying Joc Pederson she became a full time homemaker.

What is Kelsey Williams Net Worth ?


The exact Net Worth of Joc Pederson Wife Kelsey Williams remains unknown as she hasn’t disclosed anything about her Wealth. However, She shares a massive amount of her husband, Joc Pederson’s Net Worth.

According to some reports, Joc Pederson has an estimated Net Worth of approx $45 millions.

How did Joc Pederson and Kelsey Williams meet ?


It remains unknown on how did the lovebirds met each other, but Joc and Kelsey Williams met each other in 2015.

The couple secretly began dating and kept their relationship low-key until they tied the knot and got married on January, 2018.

When did Joc Pederson and Kelsey Williams got married ?


After dating for several years, Kelsey Williams and Joc Pederson finally got married.

The duo tied the knot and exchanged vows on January, 2018 in a lavish wedding at Santa Barbara, California.

The wedding was attended by friends and family of both, Joc and Kelsey Williams. Many big celebrities and Joc Pederson’s teammates were also present in the wedding ceremony.

Who are the Kids of Joc Pederson and Kelsey Williams ?


In October, 2018, their first child, daughter , Poppy Jett was born.

Two years later, on 2020, their second child, son, Wilder Pederson was born and with the arrival of their son, Pederson family was completed.

Some interesting facts about Joc Pederson’s wife Kelsey Williams ?


Joc Pederson’s wife, Kelsey Williams is a very secretive and shy kind of person and little is known about her personal life, However we have collected some of the lesser known things to the fans:

• During her college days, Joc Pederson Wife Kelsey Williams used to play volleyball and even was a setter for Duke University’s Volleyball team, Blue Devils.

• Kelsey Williams holds a degree in Psychology.

• Sadly, Kelsey Williams is not available on any social media platforms as of now. She is a shy and private person and likes to keep everything private and confidential.

• In 2015, Kelsey Williams was the assistant coach of the volleyball team, Blue Devils.

How did Joc Pederson career began ?

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Being born in Palo Alto, California, Joc Pederson was born in a sports enthusiasts family with most of his family members were into different sports. Pederson led the Palo Alto High School in Baseball and Football in California.

He was coached by his father and former Major League player, Stu Pederson. Growing up, his father used to coach him rigorously to make him more discipline. After he made his Major League debut, Pederson told during an interview that his father, Stu was one of the major inspirations in his life and he wanted to succeed to make his father proud.

Since being drafted in the NFL Draft of 2010 as the 11th round pick by Los Angeles Dodgers, Pederson played in the Minor League for almost three seasons before making his senior MLB debut for the Dodgers.

He played for the Dodgers for six seasons before signing with the Chicago Cubs. He ended his Dodgers career with 149 games played while being tied at 5th for RBIs in the NL and 5th for Home Run hits with the Dodgers (12.5) bats. He was fourth in career bats per home run (16.6) among All Dodgers.

Pederson had couple of short stints with the Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves in 2021 before moving to San Francisco Giants in 2022. He led the Atlanta Braves in winning the World Series Championship in 2022, he became only the ninth player in the Major League in winning the World Series twice consecutively. Moreover, he was also named in the All-Star team for the second time in his career.

Prior to signing with the Giants, Pederson made an instant impact with the team, having second best batting average in the Major League (.388). He finished the season having an batting average of .378/.452/.784. In addition, he was also one of the highest grossing players with eh Giants franchise in the Major League Baseball.