The best arm wrestlers in the world possess Unreal strength and over the years they have dedicated themselves to build huge biceps and practiced hard to gain strength in their forearms as well as in their grips. Arm wrestling is also known as pulling.

It is a psychological sport that is a combination of strength, practice, and skills. Pinning the opponent’s hand on the table touchpad is the ultimate goal. The press is one of the best power moves in arm wrestling, and having a bulky upper body helps with this.

The powerful Arm wrestlers employ the backpressure technique by pulling the opponent’s arm toward themselves. They also place one foot more forward than the other for more stability and wrap the thumb onto the rest of the fingers when holding an opponent’s arm to achieve a firm grip. Here is the list of the Most Powerful Arm Wrestlers in the World.

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John Brzenk

John Brzenk is a professional arm wrestler based in the United States of America.He is frequently called the best ever Arm Wrestler in the world as in his 22 years of career, he has never lost a match and has won a number of titles to his name. His background is from Poland but his grandfather had relocated to America.

His father was also a professional arm wrestler and according to John, the secret of his huge forearm is his genetics. He started his amateur career when he used to arm wrestle with his friends in a class and while he was in 8th grade, he had broken his arm while he was arm wrestling his father’s friend.

John said that after his recovery, the strength of his tendons started to grow significantly which help him become a great arm wrestler and because of that people today call him with several nicknames like The Giant Crusher or The Superman.

Denis Cyplenkov

Denis Cyplenkov is a Russian Arm wrestler, a professional body builder and a strongman champion. He was also a strict curl world record holder since 2015 with a weight of 113 kg until it was broken in 2021 with a weight of 114 kg but Denis had refused to accept the record being broken as he said that the one who broke the record used a bar with a narrower grip.

He started professional arm wrestling in 1996 at the age of 14 and had started to compete in professional competitions in the year 2004. His career has always been full of ups and downs. In 2018, he was all set to compete against Andrey Pushkar as his right arm for Pal #50.

Pushkar died in a car accident in Ukraine on the way to the airport but the tournament was still held in his honor and Cyplenkov presented the championship belt to the family of Pushkar.

In March 2019, when he was to participate in the first edition of the Top 8, Cyplenkov had to be hospitalized due to kidney problems. He started training again in 2020 and was due to meet Levan Saginashvili as a left arm at the end of the year.

Cleve Dean

Sports Brief

Cleve Dean was a professional arm wrestler from Georgia and looking at his huge arms, people used to call him the most powerful arm wrestler. He died on 10th May 2011 but to date, his legacy stands tall and strong.

He was physically larger than life but in reality, people used to call him one of the most humble man and a family man who never thought of himself as the greatest athlete of his time.

Unlike the modern arm wrestlers, Cleve did not train hours in the gym to build such huge forearms and biceps but he used to do manual labour at the farm of his house and even before he died he used to say that all his strength and if achievements were dedicated to his father’s Hog farms. During his Prime he used to pick up fully grown hog under both his arms. 

Devon Larratt

Most Popular Arm Wrestler
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A former soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces and competitive arm wrestling from Canada, Devon Larratt was born on 24 April 1975.  As probably the greatest arm wrestler in North America, Devon Larratt is regarded as one of the sport’s all-time greats.

Through his numerous partnerships with other athletes, his YouTube channel, and just his dominance of the sport, he made a significant impact to bringing the sport to a broader audience.

Armwrestler Devon Larratt is renowned for being incredibly adaptable and resilient. Larratt can perform any move, including a hook, toproll, press, king’s move, or any variant thereof.

He has one of the greatest table IQs in all of athletics. He is also exceptional because of his extraordinarily high levels of stamina, a quality that is most useful in supermatches. 

Often, all he needs to do is halt his opponent’s early surge to keep them in a disadvantageous position, wear them out as the fight goes on, and pin them in the end.

Despite having less muscle mass than other super heavyweights, Larratt frequently solves this weakness with better technical ability, arm leverage, and hand control, halting his opponent and gradually depleting their strength as opposed to overwhelming them violently.

Travis Bagent

Travis Bagent is a well-known modern-day arm wrestler who is considered as a brutal arm wrestler for his opponent. Arm Wrestling is in his blood as his father Rusty Bagent was also a professional arm wrestler who took part in a lot of competitions. Initially, he used to take part in a lot of team sports but had finally decided to take up the sports his father was at. 

He used to take part in a lot of arm wrestling competitions as a team and had won many of them. He possessed natural talent and the extraordinary skills that he had taken up from his father.

In his 30-year-long career, he was one of the most consistent athletes and had won a lot of competitions with a number of memorable matches