The Formula 1 is the highest rated open wheel single seater car racing tournament which was inaugurated in the year 1950. The Formula One cars are the fastest rated road-course racing cars in the world, owing to very high cornering speeds achieved through generating large amounts of aerodynamic downforce. 

The top class F1 cars depend on the aerodynamics, suspension  and tyres. Traction Control, Launch Control and Automatic Gear shifting along with many other electronic driving aids were initially banned in the F1 but were introduced back in the year 2001. However, they were banned again in the year 2004 and 2008. 

Handling these fast paced cars and winning the race is a big task for a driver. Only a few drivers have excelled in it. Winning the F1 title on consecutive occasions seems impossible but some of the exceptional drivers throughout history have done it. Today we will check out the most consecutive wins in F1.

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1. Max Verstappen – 10 wins in 2023

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MAx Verstappen is a well known professional car racer who hails from Belgium and Netherlands. He has a record of winning three back to back world championships in 2021, 2022 and 2023. He represents the Dutch flag and competes in the F1 under Red Bull Racing.

Max Verstappen has created a world record in 2023 of winning 10 consecutive F1 wins as he has won the 2023 Miami Grand Prix, Monaco Grand Prix, Spanish Grand Prix, Canadian Grand Prix, Austrian Grand Prix, British Grand Prix, Hungarian Grand Prix, Belgian Grand Prix, Dutch Grand Prix and the Italian Grand Prix. This is a record that no one has ever achieved and Presently he has got Most Consecutive Wins in F1.

2. Sebastian Vettel – 9 wins in 2013

Sebastian Vettel is a German racing driver who now drives for Aston Martin in Formula One. He has also raced for BMW Sauber, Toro Rosso, Red Bull, and Ferrari in the past. One of Formula One’s most successful drivers, Vettel has won four World championships, all in a row from 2010 to 2013.

Vettel is the Formula One’s youngest World Champion; he also ranks third in terms of race wins (53) and podium finishes (122); and fourth in terms of pole positions (57).

In 2013, he was in beast form when he went on to win 9 consecutive championships as he won the Belgian Grand Prix, Italian Grand Prix, Singapore Grand Prix, Korean Grand Prix, Japanese Grand Prix, Indian Grand Prix, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, United States Grand Prix and the Brazilian Grand Prix in the same year and created history.

3. Alberto Ascari 7 wins between 1952 to 1953


Alberto Ascari was a former Italian professional race driver who was a Formula One champion. He was called the multitalented racer as he started off as a motorbike racer, won several competitions then switched to car racing and tasted success here as well. Ascari won consecutive world titles in 1952 and 1953 for Scuderia Ferrari. He was the team’s first World Champion and the last Italian to date to win the title.

Since June 1952, Alberto Ascari had started to show some exceptional driving at the course as he went on to win 7 consecutive titles which were the 1952 Belgian Grand Prix, 1952 French Grand Prix, 1952 British Grand Prix, 1952 German Grand Prix, 1952 Dutch Grand Prix, 1952 Italian Grand Prix and the 1953 Argentine Grand Prix.

4. Michael Schumacher – 7 wins in 2004

Most Consecutive Wins in F1

German former racing driver Michael Schumacher, participated in Formula One for Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari, and Mercedes.

At the time of his retirement from the sport in 2012, Schumacher was tied with Lewis Hamilton for the most World Drivers’ Championship victories (seven), pole positions (68), and podium finishes (155). These records have since been broken by Hamilton, but he still holds the record for the most fastest laps (77).

In the year 2004, when Michael Schumacher was in his prime, he went on to win 4 consecutive championships as he won the European Grand Prix, Canadian Grand Prix, United States Grand Prix, French Grand Prix, British Grand Prix, German Grand Prix, Hungarian Grand Prix and the German Sensational in his era has got the Most Consecutive Wins in F1 to his name.

5. Nico Rosberg – 7 wins between 2015 to 2016

Nico Rosberg is a successful entrepreneur and a former professional car racer who used to compete in the F1 between 2006 to 2016 and had also won the F1 World Championship with Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport.

He is of Finnish descent but was raised in Monaco. His father was a Finnish 1982 Formula One World Champion Keke Rosberg and his mother was from Germany, Sina Rosberg.

During his last season of 2015 to 2016, he was in his prime as he went on to win all the championships with 7 consecutive wins to his name as he won the 2015 Mexican Grand Prix, 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix, 2015 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the 2016 Australian Grand Prix, 2016 Bahrain Grand Prix, 2016 Chinese Grand Prix and the 2016 Russian Grand Prix.