As sports fans,  people also like to extend their love for sports towards video games as well and over the years a lot of video games have immersed but it has been observed that sports video games have a special place in the hearts of the people which is why today we are presenting you the top most popular sport video games.

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1. FIFA 23

Most Popular Sports Video Games

The most populous port in the world also has the most popular video game in the market.  FIFA is a game which can be played on a laptop, mobile phone or a PlayStation.  It allows the players to play as their favourite team or build their favourite ultimate player. Fans are also allowed to make their perfect ultimate team with the place of the team being either the current players are the former players or a combination of both.

FIFA also holds the record for selling the most number of copies of a sports video game as till date FIFA has sold about 250 million copies of the game and it is one of those video games which release a new version annually.

It is one of the most Popular Sports Video Games in the world because of its immense craze.

2. Madden NFL 23


The Madden franchise is the highest-selling and the most popular sports video game in the United States of America and it was named after the Raider’s coach John Madden who was also inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. It releases a new version annually and has sold about 130 million copies.

In this game,  the players can play As all of the 32 NFL teams and can create their ultimate team which can include players from both the past and the present. This is the only American football video game as it has eliminated all the competition in the market.  Earlier there were a lot of games but eventually, EA Sports came to the rescue and made a deal with the NFL to become the only American football video game.

3. NBA 2K23

The NBA 2K franchise is the most popular basketball sport video game in all over the world. Till date they have sold about 90 million copies of the game.  They could have sold more copies but they have competition in the market as Unlike the other sports they do not have a proper deal with the NBA to be the only maker of the game.  The biggest competitor of NBA 2K is NBA live.

NBA 2K stands out in the market as it allows the players to play as a specific team in the career mode or they can also build their own ultimate team which can comprise players both from the past as well as in the present.  The special stand-out feature is that it allows you to play with your ultimate team in the neighbourhood while you challenge your friends.

4. Gran Tourismo

There are a lot of car racing games in the market but by far Gran Tourismo is the best car racing game one can ever play.  It gives you real life car racing experience as it is the only game which has the licence to reproduce the actual copies of realistic cars in the game.  Since 1997,  Gran Tourismo has sold about 80 million copies and even some of the great car enthusiasts consider this as the best car racing game in the market.

5. MLB The Show

MLB the show is the most popular baseball video game in the world.  It releases its new version annually and it has no competition in the market.  For a while they had competition with MLB 2k but in 2013 they stopped making the game which left MLB the show with no competition in the market and they are the best-selling baseball video game.

6. WWE 2K22

The WWE 2K series is the most popular wrestling video game in the world and the WWE fans just love the game.  It was released in 1990 and has been releasing a new version annually.  Initially, the game was called the WWE SmackDown but it later changed to the WWE 2K series.  

 However, the change of the name initially did not affect the popularity of the game.  In recent years it has been observed that the WWE 2K series is Losing its popularity as the fans are lessening but the core WWE fans are still buying the games and of which till date the 2K series has sold about 60 million copies of the WWE 2K series. It is also the most popular game to be played on a PlayStation.

7. Tony Hawk Pro Skater

If you were to ask any skating fan about which was the most popular game during the early 2000s, without any hesitation the name that would come out of his mouth would be Tony Hawk pro skater. The game was undoubtedly the best game in the market.

To date, Tony Hawk Pro skater has sold over 37 million copies since its release in the year 1999.  During its peak years, the makers used to release an updated version annually but since 2018 after releasing its latest version it has been on a break as the popularity of the game has gone down. So the makers of the game had decided to take a break and come back with a better version which would bring back the popularity graph to where it belongs.

It was a special game as the fans and the players loved to do several tricks and stunts on the skateboard which would look quite fascinating on a video game but only a few could take the dare to try it in real life.