Football is the game that has been at its peak nowadays for its immense popularity, Football Players are nowadays the most followed Stars in Social Media Platforms.

Football has its own fan base where all over the world it’s more than 250 million players across more than 200 countries play football and all of those countries has their won football league and most and many famous leagues have their own fan base and many top players in many Popular European Leagues.

With so many clubs having their own social media platforms, it is the easiest way for a club to grow its fan following and to determine the club which have the most number of fans and are most followed.

Seeing the game of their home clubs, fans gather in mass numbers to attend the match. Today we will check out the most attended soccer games of all times.

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Maracana Stadium in Rio De Janeiro – 199,854


The World Cup Final between 1950 between Brazil and Uruguay saw the highest ever attendance in the football game in the history as about 200,000 fans saw Uruguay lift the World Cup title by defeating the hosts.

Back then the winner of the tournament was decided by the top 4 teams of the tournament playing a round robin format to determine the winner.

Brazil needed just a draw to lift the world cup as they were just 1 point above Uruguay on the table. Brazil was very confident about winning the cup and they had already printed 22 gold medals inscribed with each player’s name and practised and recorded a winners’ sing to be played at full-time. A local morning paper printed a picture of the Brazilian team with the caption “world champions”. 

According to reports, the Uruguayan captain bought as many copies as he could and laid them out on the floor in the dressing room for the team to urinate on before the match.

Brazil were 1-0 in the first half but in the 2nd half, Uruguay equalized and in the last 11 minutes, turned the emotions of the fans as Ghiggia scored the winner to break the heart of about 200,000 fans.

Hampden Park in Glasgow, Scotland – 149,547 Attendance

During the 1970 semi final 2nd leg of the European Cup in the match between Celtic and Leeds, Hampden park went on to create history as this is the highest attendance ever recorded in the history of club competitions and in any European Competition.

The game was such high intense that it was initially supposed to be played at the Celtic Park but with the demand for the tickets crossing 60,000, the game had to be moved to Hampden Park.

Initially 10,000 tickets were allotted for the Leeds but the fans had very little hope so only 5000 tickets were sold and the rest were retired to Celtic as the Celtic had taken a lead of 1-0 in the first leg.

Leeds pulled off a great comeback as they went on to defeat Celtic by 2-0 and hence the final score being 2-1 and they advanced to the finals in the historic match with historic attendance. 

Estadio Da Luz in Lisbon, Portugal – 135,000 Attendance

The Old Estadio Da Luz in Lisbon was the home to the largest ever sporting event in Portugal with the match between Benfica and Porto being held there during the Premier Liga.

It is the most recent match in the list with this one being held in 1987. The 135,000 was set in an “O Classico” match between Benfica and Porto, with the hosts coming out on top in a 3-1 victory. It was a result which set them up to win the Primeira Liga that season with Benfica pipping Porto to the title by 3 points.

This number seems that it won’t be achieved again anytime soon as the old Estadio da Luz is long gone now, knocked down and replaced by the new stadium opened in 2003, and was made ready for Portugal hosting the 2004 UEFA European Championships.

Whilst undoubtedly an impressive structure, the new stadium’s capacity is just a fraction of the old one with a mere 65,000 of capacity.

Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata, India – 134,000 Attendance

One might find this as an odd one in the list as people do not see India as a country which might have a great history of football but in reality, the oldest rivalry of the two biggest clubs of India, East Bengal and Mohun Bagan as seen some of the greatest matches and this one with nothing less as during the Federation Cup semi finals of 1997, the match between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan created history with its attendance of 134,000.

The match wwas totally one sided as East Bengal went on to win the contest by 4-1 in the highest ever attendance in any sport in India and create history.

Wembley Stadium in London, England – 126,047 Attendance

The match between Bolton Wanderers vs West Ham United in the FA Cup finals in 1923, holds the record of highest ever attendance in the history of football with an official attendance of 126,047 at one of the great stadiums, the Old Wembley stadium.

The most unique thing about the match was that this was the first ever match held in the Old Wembley stadium after its inauguration.

However, it was the official records which said that the attendance was 126,047 but if the unofficial reports were to be believed, about 300,000 fans had entered the field after waiting underground for hours.

The ground did not have the capacity of 300,000 because of which fans had entered the field of play and had delayed the kick off by about 45 minutes. But after a lot of struggle the game began and the first ever match at the Old Wembley stadium saw the Boltons win by 2-0 against the West Ham.