As a basketball Enthusiast, you must be aware that it is a sport that requires much physicality in order to gain a strategic advantage over the opponent player. Almost all of the players in the National Basketball Association NBA have a great physicality but only a few in the history have created a great impact because of their physicality. Today we will find out the players who are the most physical NBA Players of all time.

1. Lebron James:

When he left college football he was the most hyped player from the NBA perspective. He proved his worth in the first season of his NBA when he went on to win the Rookie of the Year award. As of May 2023 he has been included in the 19 all-star team out of which 13 are the first teams where both the numbers are record that has been created by him. 

Because of the longevity of his career,  he is frequently regarded as one of the best basketball players ever by different sports publications and has been named as the Associated Press male athlete of the decade for the 2010s. 

His gigantic figure with a height of 2.06 metres and a weight of 113 kg was a great advantage for him.

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2. Zion Williamson:


Zion Williamson might be the only player in the NBA whose physicality says that he is best suited for American football instead of basketball.  A journalist defined the physical appearance of Zion Williamson as a sore thumb that is on steroids but clearly mentioned that he did not mean that the player is on steroids because of his sheer mass which is usually a problem for the opponents to handle.

The height of this player is 2.01 m and weighs about 129 kg and with his gigantic figure, he has a god-given ability to launch himself towards the rim and he is also considered as one of the most aggressive dunkers in the NBA. Even with his great figure which might scare off opponents,  his calm and down-to-earth nature makes a man of the most liked NBA players.

3. Giannis Antetokounmpo:

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Giannis Antetokounmpo is a great player and has recently gone through one of the best body transformations or as the trend says one of the best “ glow ups” which might be one of the best in the sports history. He entered the NBA as a skinny fragile kid like a Greek freak but with time he has transformed himself into a Greek God. 

With his incredible body transformation, he seems to have put on a layer of muscles on a layer of lean muscles which must have come from sheer dedication and hard-core training in the gym and heavy lifting. He has a gigantic height of 2.11 metre and weighs about 112 kilograms.

With his great figure, it seems like he is equipped with the longest wingspans in the game and no one seems to match him. His arms look like two muscle-bound anacondas when dribbling the ball and pack serious venom when attacking the rim.

4. Blake Griffin:

Most Physical NBA Players of all time
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If this was a list of the greatest slams of all times, Blake Griffin would have topped the list as this player, with his great power it seems like he is born to slam and just destroy the opponents. While he could not be the exact figure that he wanted to be in his previous team the Los Angeles Clippers, but since the time he has joined the Brooklyn Nets he is making no mistakes.

Ever since he has joined the Nets, he has transformed himself physically and has been the ideal forward for the team who throws away defenders for fun and launches himself to slam. With his height of 2.03 metre and weight of 113 kilograms, it seems like his teammates might be thanking God that he plays for them but the opponents might not be equally happy.

With a robust frame, Griffin’s agility and speed have given him an athletic edge over his opponents throughout his career. Sure, his explosiveness may have dropped in recent years, but Griffin’s body still looks tier one.

5. Dwight Howard:

The upper body of Dwight Howards has started to create a question in the minds of the opponents with such a broad figure, is he wearing shoulder pads? Well, the answer is obviously no as it is the obvious natural body but the NBA fans love to see his inhuman Superman physicality from head to toe because it is something not everyone has and with that He is one of the Most Physical NBA Players of all time.

Unlike his physicality, his career at the NBA has not been as iconic as fans expect it to be. His time at the NBA has been kind of strange with Dwight Howard starting his career as the star of the Orlando Margin but the next thing everyone knows is that he is team hunting.

In the last few years, Dwight was seen changing different teams but he found his place at the Los Angeles Lakers in 2019. The Los Angeles Lakers had seen his potential and had decided to use his explosive body figure for the team which has been working out for the last few seasons for the team.

When Dwight came to the Los Angeles Lakers, there were reports which suggested that he had lost about 11 kilo grams in his previous team and had overall lost about 18 kilo grams in the last few years. Today, he stands 2.08 metre high for the team and weighs about 120 kilo grams.