As a tennis fan, female tennis players have created a huge impact in the international tennis circuit and have been dominating the game on the international stage. These women have been giving their all on the field and today we bring on the Top 7 Most Decorated Female Tennis Player of all time.

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Martina Navratilova

Martina Navratilova is a well known former Czech American Tennis player who is widely regarded as one of the best female tennis player to have ever stepped on the court. Martina in her career had won 18 major singles titles, 31 major women’s doubles titles, and 10 major mixed doubles titles, for a combined total of 59 major titles, the most in the Open Era.

She was one of the most dominant figures during her playing days.During her playing days, she was ranked number 1 in the singles category for a record of 322 weeks and was ranked number 1 in doubles for a record of 237 weeks and also became the only player in the history to hold the top spot in both the categories together for a record of 200 weeks. 

Margaret Court

Most Decorated Female Tennis player
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Margaret Court is the former Australian number 1 female Tennis player and a Christian Minister. She is often considered as one of the best players to have played the sports and she has won 24 women’s singles major titles and a total of 64 major titles (including 19 major women’s doubles and 21 major mixed doubles titles) which are the most in women’s tennis history.

During her playing caree,The famous Newspaper London’s Daily Telegraph ranked Margaret Court as the best Female player for 6 times between 1914 to 1972 in 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1969 and 1970 which was a record at that time. Later when the Women’s Tennis Association was formed, she held the top spot in the year 1973.

Chris Evert

Chris Evert is a very well known Tennis star and a former American Number 1 ranked player internationally. Chris Evert won 18 major singles titles, including a record seven French Open titles and a joint-record six US Open titles (tied with Serena Williams). Chris Evert was ranked as number 1 in the singles category for a record of 260 weeks.

She was ranked number 1 annually for 7 times in 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980 and 1981.She had dominated the Female Tennis circuit between the 1970s and the 1980s. She also made a huge record of competing in 34 Women’s single finals during her career. In single’s, she reached the semi finals for about 54 times out of the 56 she played.

Steffi Graf

Steffi Graf is a well known dominant figure in the world of Tennis who is also a former German Professional player and is often considered as the greatest player ever. She won 22 major singles titles, the second-most in women’s singles won since the start of the Open Era in 1968 and the third-most of all-time.

In the year 1988, Steffi Graf created history and became the only player to have won the Golden Slam award for winning all the four Major Singles titles as well as the Olympic Gold. She is the only Tennis player, in both male and female category to have won all four major singles titles, a minimum of four times each.

Monica Seles

Monica Seles is a former Tennis player and one of the greatest of all times who used to compete for Yugoslavia but later changed to the United States of America. She won nine major singles titles, eight of them as a teenager while representing Yugoslavia, and the final one while representing the United States.

In the year 1990, she came into lime light as she became the youngest player ever to have won the French Open title at the age of 16. She created history and went on to win 8 other major titles before her 20th birthday and was ranked year end number 1 twice in 1991 and 1992. At such a young age, she had achieved a lot and proven her worth. By the time she retired, she had won every thing and people considered her the best.

Serena Williams

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Serena Williams is a former American professional tennis player who is widely regarded as the best female tennis player in the recent era and surely one of the greatest of all time. She was ranked number 1 by the Women’s Tennis Association for a record 319 weeks which included a joint-record 186 consecutive weeks, and finished as the year-end No. 1 five time

She had won 23 Grand Slam titles in Women’s singles which was the most in single’s era and the second most in history. She is also the only player in history to have won the Golden Slam in both the Singles and Doubles category

Most Decorated Female Tennis player of all time with her achievements and accolades in this field.