Who is Goran Dragic?

Goran Dragic Wife

Goran Dragic, born May 6, 1986, is a Slovenian professional basketball player for the National Basketball Association (NBA) Milwaukee Bucks. 

He was nicknamed “the Dragon” and had previously played professional basketball in Slovenia and Spain before joining the NBA in 2008. Dragi has also had stints with the Phoenix Suns, Miami Heat, Houston Rockets, Toronto Raptors, Brooklyn Nets, and Chicago Bulls. 

With the Suns, he was an All-NBA Third Team pick and the NBA’s Most Improved Player in 2014. With Miami, he was selected an NBA All-Star for the first time in 2018. 

In 2017, he led the senior Slovenian national team to its first FIBA EuroBasket victory and was voted the tournament’s Most Valuable Player.

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Who is Goran Dragic Wife?


Maja Dragic is the wife of NBA star Goran Dragic. The couple have been all over the news these days as there have been reports about Goran cheating on his wife and the couple being divorced.

Where does Goran Dragic Wife Maja Dragic come from?

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Goran Dragic wife, Maja grew up in Slovenia with her family, just as her ex-husband. Her father was the owner of a construction firm.

Not much is known about her background. She has always been a private person since the beginning.

Where did Maja Dragic get her education from?


Goran Dragic wife, Maja is said to be a brilliant student since her high school days. However the name of her school is not known yet.

There is no information available whether she attended college for her degree or not.

What does Maja Dragic do?


There is no information available about the career of the wife of the basketball player.

How did Maja and Goran meet?

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It is unclear how the couple met, but it is said that the couple met during the beginning of the career of Goran which was in about the year 2008.

When did the couple get married?

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The couple got married in a private ceremony in the presence of only close friends and family. No one has revealed the date or venue of marriage or any other details about their marriage.

Do the couple have children?

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Maja Dragic and Goran Dragic have two children. Maja gave birth to their son Mateo immediately after their marriage in 2013, followed by daughter Viktoria in 2015.

Has Goran cheated on Maja?

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Goran Dragic and his wife Maja Dragic are still married, although their divorce has not been finalised. Many people on Twitter are talking about Maja cheating on Goran with her trainer, rather than Goran cheating on Maja.

In terms of confirmation, neither Maja nor Goran have come out in the media because they are currently focused on their individual games.

Goran Dragic wife, Maja has already become Goran’s ex-wife, according to another Reddit member who spotted the Goran story.

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However, there have been no formal announcements or specifics concerning their divorce. The couple has been married for about 8 years and has two beautiful children. Concerns about Goran cheating on his wife appear to be contrived and unfounded.

Furthermore, despite the fact that they are still together, neither Goran nor his wife have acknowledged to the cheating scandal, and Maja’s adultery may have made headlines. So, unless anything official comes up, it’s best to assume the pair is still on good terms.

Are the couple divorced?


There has been no formal statement regarding Goran and Maja Dragic’s divorce as of yet. It is advisable to indicate that the spouses are still married due to a lack of information on the issue of divorce.

Some websites report that they have already divorced, however there is no confirmation of this because no news announcement has been issued. Despite their discreet divorce, they continue to appear together on the web site.

So, for the time being, the pair can be confirmed to be still together, and nothing appears to have changed.

Where does Goran Dragic come from?


Goran Dragic was born in Serbia to a Serbian mother and a Slovenian father. He grew up playing football in Slovenia. However, because to an injury, he was forced to change sports. He adored NBA players Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, and future teammate Steve Nash as a kid. 

He speaks Slovenian, Serbian, Spanish, and English fluently. Dragi’s younger brother, Zoran, is a former Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat teammate who now plays for Cedevita Olimpija in Ljubljana, Slovenia.