Squad numbers or the jersey number in football was initially introduced to differentiate the players present on the field and the players were assigned the numbers 1 to 11. In modern football, the players are free to choose a number of their choice instead of just being limited to the numbers 1 to 11 and the numbers are at present given mostly on a technical basis.

There have been some exceptional players in the world of football who have made the jersey numbers famous as well. When we see a player performing exceptionally well on the pitch, our first thought is that the player number ( jersey number ) plays well then after that we find out more about the player. Today we will check out the Most popular Jersey Numbers in Football.

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The number 10 is the most popular jersey number in football as we have witnessed that only the greatest players of the game have worn the Jersey and wearing the number 10 Jersey is an honour for any player who plays football.

The number 10 is a great responsibility as the player should have the capability to play as a playmaker, a midfielder, striker, a Winger or practically anything that the team requires and has to be the best player on the pitch in order to do justice to the jersey number.

Players like Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, Pele, Maradona, Zidane, Rooney and Luka Modric who are considered as some of the greatest football players in the history have worn the Jersey Number 10.

As they are idolised by more than half the world, wearing the jersey number 10 is an honour for the player as they could take a feel about how it feels to be the best on the field and his T shirt number is Most Popular Jersey Number in Football.


The number 7 was initially not as famous as it is now because any player from the team be it a midfielder or a Winger could have worn the number 7 but it is Cristiano Ronaldo who made this number 7 a legendary one and today the respect that the number 7 receives is almost as same as the number 10.

 However, not many Legends of the game have won the number 7 but the intent that Cristiano Ronaldo has shown on the field has made the number famous as he is one of the greatest Football players of all time and the top goal scorer in the history of Football.

Other greats of the game like David Beckham and Kylian Mbappe have worn the jersey which has influenced some of the future superstars to start wearing number 7 with pride and take up the big challenge.


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The number 9 Jersey in football is frequently given to the striker of the team or the goal scorer who is consistent in scoring goals for the team. The number 9 was one of the most famous numbers during the early 1900 but players today mostly prefer the number 10 or number 7.

Some of the players who grew up watching the legendary Brazilian Ronaldo during the 2002 World Cup still prefer the number 9 over any other number.

In the recent times, some of the best Strikers of the game such as Fernando Torres, Karim Benzema, Sergio Aguero, Robert Lewandoski have brought back the importance of number 9 and even the football managers have started to use the false 9 formation with the utmost importance being kept for the number 9.

Seeing these senior players, the young stars such as Erling Haaland and others have started to prefer the number 9.


If you are a young Defender, you must have asked your coach for the number 4 Jersey a lot of times.

The number 4 was not famous until the early 1990s but when defenders like Sergio Ramos and Paulo Maldini started to dominate the game with the number 4 on their backs, it attracted a lot of attention and people started to use the number 4 on their backs.

In recent history, the number 4 has been the most used by defenders as the young defenders mostly idolize Sergio Ramos because of his exceptional skills on the field and his rock-solid defending, he has worn the number 4 since the beginning of his career and this is the prime reason why the number 4 has been growing so fast.


Be it the magic of Andres Iniesta or the pinpoint game-changing pass of Toni Kroos or the ability to win the game like Kaka, the number 8s have always been the centre of attraction for the game as they are the ones who decide the flow of the game for their teams. 

The number 8 usually do not show off fancy skills or do not score a lot of goals but they play simple football where they take the ball and pass the ball to decide the fate of the game but when they decide to take matters into their own hands, they can score some bangers which are treated to the eyes of the fans.

The mid-fielders always prefer to wear the number 8 as they always want to be the in charge of the game where it would all come down to their performance and their assists.