Who is Kenny Smith?

The National Basketball Association (NBA) and former professional basketball player Kenneth Smith (nicknamed “the Jet”) was born on March 8, 1965, in the United States. 

From 1987 to 1997, he participated in the NBA as a player with the Denver Nuggets, Sacramento Kings, Atlanta Hawks, Houston Rockets, Detroit Pistons, and Orlando Magic. With Houston, he won back-to-back NBA titles.

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Who is Kenny Smith Wife?

Kenny Smith was first married to a woman but she never appeared publicly or even Kenny Smith never said anything about her.

When Kenny Smith had his second marriage with Model and Actress Gwendolyn Osborne, people got to know it was his second marriage.

Model and actress Kenny Smith Wife Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith appeared on The Price Is Right for 12 years, from 2005 to 2017. 

Kenny Smith Wife made the decision to leave the programme on October 17th, 2017, to pursue other interests.

Where does Gwendolyn Osborne Come from?

Kenny Smith Wife Gwendolyn Osborne was born on 7th August 1978 at Bath, Somerset in England.

Her mother was Jamaican while her father was British. Kenny Smith Wife has never revealed much about her family background or siblings if any. Kenny Smith Wife likes to keep her past away from media attention.

What does Gwendolyn Osborne do?

Osborne just finished an arc on General Hospital in which he played the tough role of Police Chief Vic. Wonder Woman 1984 will be published in June 2020. She also portrays Misandra in the Bouncetv series In the Cut. 

Kenny Smith Wife also appeared in Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill and as Jade Dominquez in Miami for two seasons of Ocean Ave.

Kenny Smith Wife Osborne is a reality television producer who is closing up a full season of the TBS show Meet the Smiths, which features her entire family.

Kenny Smith Wife Osborne was nominated for the piece “Foulshots by Kenny Smith” on TRUTV at the Cynopsis Short Form Video Festival while working as a producer for the Global production company ITV America.

What are the other works of Gwendolyn Osborne?

Kenny Smith Wife Osborne, the founder and CEO of Lomolique, established her own skincare company.

Kenny Smith Wife Osborne has made her single “Give My Love” available in an effort to broaden her horizons and pursue her passion for music.

When did Kenny Smith and Gwendolyn Osborne start dating?

When both Gwendolyn and Kenny attended the same charity event in 2004, they got acquainted. After that , soon they both started dating.

When did Kenny Smith and Gwendolyn Osborne get married?

Kenny Smith Wife

They got married in the first week of September 2006, two years after they initially met.

At their residence in Stevenson Ranch, California, they were married in a magnificent private ceremony. Reggie Miller, Kenny Anderson, Charles Barkley, and other visitors were there.

Ines Di Santo, a Canadian designer, created Gwendolyn’s pale blue couture gown, and Chris Aire, a Nigerian-American celebrity jeweller, created their handmade wedding bands.

How many children do Kenny Smith and Gwendolyn Osborne have?

Kenny Smith Wife Gwendolyn has three children of her own. She was in a relationship before to her union with Kenny and gave birth to a daughter named Monique. Kenny also had a son from his first marriage.

After being married, she and Kenny had a boy named Malloy and a daughter named London. Because she was a model and worried about how becoming pregnant might effect her profession, the model previously admitted that she was afraid during her pregnancy.

The reality series “Meet the Smiths,” starring Gwendolyn and her husband, was announced to debut in 2014. Atlanta and Los Angeles were to be the locations for the TBS series’ filming.

The show centred on their family’s domestic lives with their five mixed kids and debuted on April 3, 2015, at the end of the NBA season.

Kenny, Sean Travis, Nick Lee, Jeff Altrock, and Jason A. Carbone acted as the executive producers, and Gwendolyn worked with Brian B. Ferretti as a producer.

The show also demonstrated the disparities in Gwendolyn and Kenny’s parenting approaches as well as how they managed their demanding work schedules, families, and children’s professions.

It included Kenny’s kids from his first marriage to actress Dawn Reavis, as well as her oldest daughter, who is also an actress. Talented offspring of theirs who work in the sports and entertainment industries.

Kenny’s daughter, Kayla Brianna Smith, is an R&B singer, while his son, Kenneth Smith Jr., is a basketball player like his father.

Are Kenny Smith and Gwendolyn Osborne divorced?

Eight months after Gwendolyn and Kenny’s divorce petition was submitted in October 2018, things went horribly wrong. In order to pay for his back support, the former model urged the judge to increase the retired basketball player’s wages.

In accordance with the assets they jointly held, he was required to pay her more than $1,000,000, according to the court filings. His Californian property in Encino would be used as collateral if he missed a payment.

According to their agreement, Kenny would only forfeit his Los Angeles residence if he failed to make his payments. In addition, he had to provide Gwendolyn more than $16,000 in child support each month.

The former basketball player also allegedly earns over $200,000 each month and is required to pay more than $25,000 in spousal support each month. He co-hosts “Inside the NBA” with Shaquille O’Neal. Until the end of 2028, all payments were expected to be made.

He would be solely responsible for paying their education and health insurance, but the couple would have joint legal and physical custody.

For the sake of their children’s health and wellbeing, Kenny and Gwendolyn decided they would continue to participate in co-parenting treatment. The expense of their treatment sessions was also chosen to be divided between them.

The divorce did not result in the former basketball player losing his two residences in New Jersey. She had to give back her BMW, but he retained his Bentley.

In addition, they agreed to divide the earnings, royalties, and residuals from the shows they either co-created or contributed to, which they referred to as “community intellectual property.”