Who is Kyle Schwarber ?

Kyle Schwaber, a member for he Major League Baseball and popularly known to his family and supporters as “Kyle” is an American Baseball player.

Kyle Schwaber plays at the Outfielder or Designated Hitter position in MLB for Philadelphia Phillies franchise.

Since being draft in 2014 MLB draft by Chicago Cubs, Kyle Larson has played for several teams in MLB including, Washington Nationals and Boston Red Sox.

Kyle is known for his batting prowess and home runs, Kyle Schwaber has been one of the best offensive players for Philadelphia Phillies franchise. He also earned his first Silver Slugger Award in 2022.

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Who is Kyle Schwarber wife Paige Hartman ?

Middletown, Ohio, United States of America is the place of birth of Kyle Schwarber Wife Paige Hartman. She was born on 25, March, 1993 to her parents Teresa and Brian Scott Hartman.

Kyle Schwarber Wife Paige attended the Middletown High School, for her primary Education.

Further,Kyle Schwarber Wife attended and graduated with her bachelor’s degree from University of Cincinnati. Later on, She pursued to become a beautician, after graduation.

How did Paige Hartman career began ?

After receiving her certificate in beautician from the beauty school, Hartman opened her own cosmetic studio. Currently,Kyle Schwarber Wife owns several cosmetic studios overseas as well.

Moreover, Kyle Schwarber Wife Paige is also involved in several charitable works, in 2020, Kyle Schwarber Wife was involved in a fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

Further, Kyle Schwarber Wife Paige is also active in canine adoption programs and raising money to help rescue street dogs.

Kyle Schwarber Wife Paige is also heavily involved in her husband’s charity, the Schwarber Foundation. Kyle Schwarber set up the foundation while he was a member of the Cubs.

What is Paige Hartman Net Worth ?

The exact Net Worth of Kyle Schwarber Wife Paige Hartman is still unknown. Paige is a shy and private person and likes to keep everything private and confidential.

However, Kyle Schwarber Wife shares a massive amount of her husband, Kyle Schwarber Net Worth.

According to some reports, MLB outfielder, Kyle Schwarber has an estimated Net Worth of $5 millions approximately.

How did Kyle Schwarber and Paige Hartman meet ?

MLB player, Kyle and Paige Hartman met for the first time during their childhood days, as the duo went to the same high school, Middletown High school.

Further, they also went to the same University, University of Cincinnati and enrolled in the same course.

At first, the duo were close friends as they knew each other since childhood, soon enough their friendship evolved into love during their University days and Paige and Kyle Schwarber began dating in 2010.

When did Kyle Schwarber and Paige Hartman got married ?

After almost 8 years of dating each other, Kyle and Paige Hartman finally got married.

Kyle proposed to his long term girlfriend, Paige on December 24, 2018.

One year later, One December, 2019, Kyle Schwarber and Paige Hartman finally tied the knot and exchanged vows in a private wedding ceremony.

During their wedding time, Kyle was still playing for the Chicago Cubs in the MLB.

Who are the Kids of Paige Hartman and Kyle Schwarber ?

Kyle Schwarber Wife

MLB player, Kyle Schwarber and wife, Paige Hartman have been married for almost 3 years now.

Together the duo are proud parents of baby boy, Kade. He was born on March, 2022.

Some interesting facts about Paige Hartman ?

MLB player, Kyle Schwarber wife Paige Hartman is a very secretive and shy kind of person and little is known about her personal life, However we have collected some of the lesser known things to the fans:

• Paige Hartman is an avid dog lover, in 2015 she shared a petition on her FB wall demanding justice for a society dog named Caitlyn.

• Paige Hartman is available on social media platforms, She has approximately 6K followers on her Instagram Account. However, Paige likes to keep a low-key profile.

• After attending the University of Cincinnati, Paige Hartman took a beautician course and currenntly, owns several cosmetic studios.

How did Kyle Schwarber career began ?

Being born in Middletown, Ohio United States of America, Kyle Schwarber led the baseball team at Middletown High school, Middletown Ohio. He was one of the top prospects of his class, Schwarber guided Middletown High to several championships and tournaments during his High school. He also established several high school records. Kyle Schwaber established batting average (.408), home runs (18), and RBIs (103).

Due to his baseball prowess Kyle Schwarber attended the Indiana University Bloomington and led the Indiana Hoosiers during his four year collegiate career. During his rookie collegiate season, Schwaber established hitting average (.300/.390/.513) and RBIs (47). He established himself as one of the best home run hitters in his University.

Prior to hi graduation Outfielder Kyle Schwaber established several career and single season records at Indiana University Bloomington. He also won several individual awards and allocades.

In 2014 NFL draft, Kyle Schwaber was selected by Chicago Cubs franchise in NFL. He played in the Minor Leagues for one season before being promoted to Major League Baseball in 2015.

Kyle Schwaber played for the Chicago Cubs franchise for five seasons in Major League Baseball establishing himself as one of the best Outfielders of his generation. Schwarber also hit the most number of home runs in a single Postseason at just 22 years old.

Kyle Schwaber was also instrumental in Chicago Cubs World Series franchise triumph in MLB, he established batting average (.412) and RBIs (2).

Prior to moving from Chicago Cubs, Outfielder Kyle Schwaber had couple of short stints with Washington Nationals and Boston Red Sox in 2021.

In 2022 Kyle was signed by Philadelphia Phillies franchise in MLB, gaining his form back Kyle established himself as one of the most improved players for Phillies franchise. He established batting average (.218), scoring runs (100) and RBIs (94). He also led the NL home runs leaderboard (46) in 2022.