Who is Lincoln Riley ?

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Lincoln Riley is an former American player and Coach. He is currently coaching the Louisiana State University, as the head coach of the LSU Trojans.

Apart from LSU, Riley has also coach several other collegiate football teams, namely, Texas Tech, East Carolina, and Oklahoma.

He began his coaching career and turned professional in the year 2003,and after the departure of then previous head coach, Mike Leach, Riley took over the took over and succeeded Mike.

During his career spanning over more than 20 years now, Riley has won several awards and allocades as a Coach. He won the prestigious Broyles Award back in 2015, he also won the BIG 12 coach of the year award in 2018 along with the AP BIG 12 coach of the year award in the same year.

Who is Lincoln Riley’s wife Caitlin Buckley ?

Dimmit, Texas, United States of America is the place of birth of Lincoln Riley wife, Caitlin Buckley. Lincoln Riley Wife was born to her parents Darell and Beth Buckley on September 5, 1983.

Lincoln Riley Wife Caitlin Buckley was an huge football fan while growing up, she also used to play various kinds of sports during her High school years.

Lincoln Riley Wife Dimmit Texas High School, Texas, is the place where Caitlin went for her primary education and completed her High school. Lincoln Riley Wife Caitlin was characterized as an sports loving enthusiast by her friends and peers.

Further, Lincoln Riley Wife moved to Lubbock, Texas and joined the University of Texas. Lincoln Riley Wife received her degree and graduated in 2002.

How did Caitlin Buckley career began ?


Lincoln Riley Wife Caitlin Buckley comes from a lower middle class family and as many other teenagers, Lincoln Riley Wife began working at a very young age to provide for her family. She started working part time as nanny.

After working for almost three years, Lincoln Riley Wife switched her job and began teaching kids of Kindergarten.

Currently, It is still unknown as what is Lincoln Riley Wife Caitlin Buckley professional background and if she’s still working as a teacher, however, Lincoln Riley Wife is a loving mother and it can be said, she’s a homemaker as she loves to look after her loved ones.

What is Caitlin Buckley Net Worth ?

The exact Net Worth of Lincoln Riley Wife Caitlin Buckley remains unknown as of now, Lincoln Riley Wife is a shy and private kind of person and likes to keep everything private and confidential.

However, Lincoln Riley Wife shares a massive amount of her husband Lincoln Riley Net Worth. According to some reports, LSU Head Coach, Lincoln Riley has an estimated Net Worth of the $30 millions approximately.

How did Lincoln Riley and Caitlin Buckley meet ?

Lincoln Riley Wife

At the Texas Tech University, Lincoln Riley and Caitlin Buckley met for the first time. It was back in the year 2002, the duo instantly clicked off with each other and began dating.

After several years of dating, Caitlin Buckley and Lincoln Riley got married back in 2007.

When did Caitlin Buckley and Lincoln Riley got married ?


After several years of dating each other, Caitlin Buckley and Lincoln Riley finally got married with each other.

The duo tied the knot and exchanged vows on 14 July, 2007 in a private wedding ceremony.

The wedding took place at the First Methodist Church, Marble Falls, Texas.

Who are the Kids of Lincoln Riley and Caitlin Buckley ?


The couple have been happily married for more than 15 years now and together they are proud of two beautiful children, Solan Riley and Stella Riley.

Their first child, son, Solan Riley was born on December, 2012.

Four year later, their second child, daughter, Stella Riley was born on 2016, with the arrival of Stella, the Riley family was completed.

Interesting facts about Caitlin Buckley ?


Lincoln Riley Wife Caitlin Buckley is a very secretive and shy kind of person and little is known about her personal life, However we have collected some of the lesser known things to the fans:

• Lincoln Riley’s wife, Caitlin Buckley is active on social media platform. However her Instagram Account is private.

• Fun Fact, both Lincoln Riley and Caitlin Buckley share the same birthday. The duo were born on 5th September 1983 and they are both 39 years old.

• Lincoln Riley Wife Caitlin Buckley attended the Texas Tech University on 2002.

How did Lincoln Riley’s career began ?

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After graduating from the Texas Tech University in bachelor’s degree in exercise and sports science in 2006, Riley became a assistant coach in the Texas Tech, he served till 2009 before moving to the East Carolina.

Riley served as an Offensive coordinator at the East Carolina University.

Furthermore, Riley was then hired by the Oklahoma Sooners in 2015 as their Offensive coordinator.

On 2017, Oklahoma Sooners announced Riley as their new head coach. It was under his guidance and leadership, Sooners won BIG 12 Championship for four consecutive times.

Lincoln Riley finished his coaching stint at Oklahoma as one of the highest percentage (%) in winning in the history of coaches at the OU program, moreover, he also had a winning record of 55 – 10.

On November, 28, 2021, Riley was appointed as the USC Head Coach.

After signing for University of Southern Carolina, during an interview, Riley said himself, and described the University, rich in history and tradition as of one of the greatest college football programs of all time, the city, the Mecca of sports right here in Los Angeles” to the SportsCentre.

Recently, The USC Trojans lost to the Tulane Green Wave, 45 – 46 in the Cotton Bowl.

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