Who is Brian Kelly ?

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Brian Kelly an college football team coach, currently, Kelly is the incharge of the Louisiana State University (LSU), he is the head Coach for he college team. 

He was appointed for the position in last year back in 2022.

Previously, Kelly used to coach the Notre Dame University, he was their coach for almost 10 years before moving to LSU.

Furthermore, Brian Kelly has also coach various other colleges across the country namely, Grand Valley State University, Central Michigan State University, University of Cincinnati, and the Notre Dame University.

He had one of the best stints of his career with the Grand Valley State University, where he led them to two consecutive finals of the NCAA Division II Championship and was also successful in winning them for two consecutive times in 2002 and 2003.

Along with that, Kelly has also won several other championships like the Big East (2008-2009) and the SEC Western Division (2002), under his leadership and guidance.


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Who is Brian Kelly wife Paqui Kelly ?

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The exact place of birth of Paqui Kelly remains unknown however, it is believed to be somewhere in the USA. Her full name is Francisca Barbara Craig and she was born on 2009, January, 9.

She is a shy and private kind of person and doesn’t likes to share any personal information with the media, as a result she hasn’t  disclosed anything about her parents as of now. Moreover, it also remains unknown if she has any siblings or not.

Paqui completed her primary education from a private high school in her hometown.

Further, She received her master’s degree from the Grand Valley State University.

How did Paqui Kelly career began ?

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Paqui Kelly completed her bachelor’s  and master’s degree from the same university, and after completing her graduation she began teaching Chemistry in the same University.

Currently, She is a homemaker and looks after her family and children.

What is Paqui Kelly Net Worth ?

The exact Net Worth of Paqui Kelly remain unknown as of know. As known, She is a private person and likes to keep everything low-key and away from the media as a result, She hasn’t  disclosed anything about her fortune as of now.

However, She shares a massive amount of her husband, Brian Kelly Net Worth. According to some reports, LSU Head Coach, Brian Kelly has an estimated Net Worth of a whopping $25 millions approximately.

How did Brian and Paqui Kelly meet ?

It still remains unknown as of now, how Brian Kelly and Paqui Kelly first met, as neither of them has revealed anything about their meeting.

The two dated for several years before finally being married to each other in a private wedding ceremony.

When did Brian Kelly and Paqui Kelly got married ?


After dating for several years, Paqui Kelly finally got married with his long-term boyfriend Brian Kelly.

The duo tied the knot and exchanged vows on 1994, it was a lavish private weeding ceremony. The ceremony was a private gathering of friends and family members.

Who are the Kids of Brian Kelly and Paqui Kelly ?

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Brian Kelly and wife Paqui Kelly have been married for more than 26 years now and together they are proud parents of three beautiful children, two sons and one daughter.

Interesting facts about Brian Kelly’s wife Paqui Kelly ?


Brian Kelly’s wife, Paqui Kelly is a very secretive and shy kind of person and little is known about her personal life, However we have collected some of the lesser known things to the fans:

• Paqui Kelly’s real name is Francisca Barbara Craig.

• Sadly, Brian Kelly’s wife, Paaqui is not active on any social media platforms as of now.

• Paqui Kelly had fought many battles in her life, she is a two-time survivor of breast cancer. She has recently, founded the Kelly Cares Foundation, and is also working as its Vice President.

How did Brian Kelly career began ?

Everett, Massachusetts was the place of birth of head coach, Brian Kelly. He was born to a upper middle class family and he led the Assumption Greyhounds playing as the linebacker during hai four year college stints in the Assumption College.

 He received his bachelor’s degree in political science from assumption college and served as their football coach, he was a linebackers coach as well as a defensive coordinator coach for the College. He also coached several other sports including, softball till 1986.

In 1987, Kelly joined the Grand Valley State University and became the Defensive and recruitment coordinator for them.

After spending couple of years, Kelly was assigned as the head coach position in 1991. He spent a fruitful 13 years in the Grand Valley State University and during his tenure he guided the University to new major heights and achieved great success.

It was under his guidance that they won five conference league titles.

After leaving, Kelly joined the Michigan State University and became their 24th head coach. He guided the team for two seasons and won the MAC championship in hai final season as head coach by defeating Ohio.

Later, Kelly joined University of Cincinnati and spent three seasons from 2006 – 2009, before being appointed by the Notre Dame University in 2010.

However, during his stint with Cincinnati, Kelly led them to two consecutive wins in the Big East Confrence in 2008 – 2009, that same years, he also won the Best Coach in the Big East Conference.

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After signing for Notre Dame, Kelly shaped the team and led them to several tournaments and championships, however, they were unable to win any allocades or championships in his 10 years tenure.

Louisiana State University appointed Kelly as their head coach on 2021, 3p November. He signed a $9 millions worth deal with the LSU.