Who is Cooper Kupp’s wife Anna Kupp?

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Although she does not pursue her hobbies professionally like her husband Cooper Kupp, Anna Croskrey is also a great athlete.

Cooper kupp wife is a very intelligent and skilled communicator who is attempting to carve out a successful career for herself independent of her husband’s notoriety.

Anna Marie Kupp is highly determined and ambitious, so anything she choose to focus her energy on is sure to be successful.

Where does Cooper kupp’s wife Anna Marie kupp From?


Veronika and Nathan Croskrey welcomed their first child, the football player’s wife, into the world on March 22, 1994 in Kennewick, Washington.

Cooper kupp wife Anna Marie is one of her family’s five children. Some of her siblings go by the names Sarah, Aaron, and Matthew.

Along with the rest of her siblings, Cooper kupp wife Anna Marie was reared in a godly home in the town where she was born. Her parents are devoted Christians who raised their children according to the principles of the religion and praise the savior jesus christ.

Where did Cooper Kupp’s wife Anna Kupp get her education from?

Cooper kupp wife
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Cooper kupp wife Anna Kupp attended and graduated from Richland High School in 2012. After graduating from high school, she enrolled at Eastern Washington University where she pursued a degree in communications with a public relations emphasis.

Cooper kupp wife Anna participated in the track and field team for her school while there. She was a model athlete who won several awards both for the University and for herself.

Cooper kupp wife Anna Marie studied at the University of Arkansas before to enrolling at Eastern Washington University, although she later transferred.

What did wife of the Los angeles rams player did in her early days?


While pursuing her college degree, Anna Croskrey worked at Rokkos Teriyaki, a restaurant where she created delectable meals.

Cooper kupp wife was in charge of welcoming clients, preparing and serving the food, and shutting the restaurant at the end of operation.

After some time, she was promoted to shop manager due to her commitment to her work.

Cooper kupp wife has also coached track and field teams while training young athletes, organising all practises, and bringing together various teams of kids.

How did Cooper Kupp and Anna Kupp meet?


When Cooper and Anna were both senior high school students in 2012, they started dating (Cooper at Davis High School in Yakima, Washington, and Anna at nearby Richland High School). . Anna’s maiden name is Croskrey.

The two first spoke when Cooper kupp wife Anna gave Cooper a medal from an event at a high school track competition. Cooper said that it was a case of love at first sight.

“I knew that she was the one that I wanted to marry when we had first met back in high school,” Cooper told ESPN in February 2022. “I told my mom the day I met her, ‘I’m going to marry this girl.’ “

But when the two left for 1,800 miles away universities, Cooper Kupp to play football at Eastern Washington University and Anna to the University of Arkansas, their love turned long distance.

“By far the hardest goodbye I have ever said in my life. See you in a short 5 months,” Cooper kupp wife Anna Marie wrote on Instagram in January 2014.

When did Cooper Kupp get married?


On June 20, 2015, at the conclusion of their sophomore year at college, the couple was married.

More than 400 people attended the wedding at Oakshire Estate & Airfield in Yakima, Washington.

Why did Cooper kupp get married so young?


However, Cooper and Anna had come to the conclusion that they could no longer live apart by the second half of 2014. Anna Marie had transferred to Eastern Washington by the fall of the year after the two became engaged.

Does Cooper Kupp have kids?


Cooper Jameson Kupp, often known as “June” for Junior, was born to Anna and Cooper on July 3, 2018.

On January 17, 2021, the couple’s second son, Cypress Stellar Kupp, was born, making Cooper jr a big brother. Using a picture of June and their hands being placed over the baby’s chest, Anna and Cooper announced the news on each of their Instagram profiles.

Interesting facts about wife of Cooper kupp


Here are some interesting facts about Anna kupp.

  • Cooper and Anna had full-time jobs when they were both students at Eastern Washington University so that Cooper could focus solely on his studies and football. She had a job at a neighbourhood restaurant, working as a waitress and at the register. At that time there were many occasions where Anna had to step up and help her boyfriend financially.
  • Cooper gives Anna’s sacrifices and diligence credit for assisting him in reaching the professional level. The current Super Bowl MVP frequently attributes his success in life and football to his wife Anna. Cooper claims that she has given him both practical assistance (such as improving his food and nutrition, assisting him in his recovery from injuries, and taking care of his two young boys) and emotional fortitude.
  • Elouise, a puppy they lovingly dubbed Lo, is the other child Anna and Cooper have. The fluffy puppy has been a part of their family since 2017, and she has made multiple appearances on both of their Instagram profiles throughout the years.
  • Since Cooper’s collegiate football days, Cooper kupp wife Anna has been a constant on the sidelines, encouraging him during games, studying video with him off the field, and even placing game-day cookies in the lockers of his teammates. Anna and their boys were present on the field in 2022 as the confetti dropped after the Rams won the Super Bowl.
  • Cooper’s best friend from high school, Austin Wagner, elaborated: “Anna is his rock. I don’t think there’s a Cooper without what Anna’s done for him. She’s a person that really expects a lot out of the people around her and has kind of a high threshold for excellence … Cooper works harder because of that.”

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