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Who is the Carolina panthers NFL player Michael Oher?

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Born on May 28, 1986, Michael Jerome Oher is a retired American football offensive lineman who spent eight seasons in the National Football League (NFL), predominantly with the Baltimore Ravens.

He played college football at the University of Mississippi, where he was taken by the Ravens in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft and received unanimous All-American accolades. He also participated for the Carolina Panthers and Tennessee Titans.

One of the subjects of Michael Lewis’ 2006 book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game and the star of the Academy Award-winning 2009 film The Blind Side was Oher’s life during his senior year of high school and first year of college.

The movie featured actors like Sandra bullock who played the role of Leigh anne tuohy. Leigh anne tuohy was the adoptive mother of Michael oher. Sandra bullock did an outstanding work in the movie. Sandra bullock got the award for best actress for the movie blind side.

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Who is Michael Oher’s wife Tiffany Roy?

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Michael oher’s wife tiffany Michelle roy is a successful entrepreneur who owns an online retail fashion store.

Michael Oher wife has been with the Offensive tackle Michael Oher for about 17 years and the couple have been one of the best NFL couples of all time.

Where does Tiffany Roy come from?

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Michael Oher wife Tiffany Roy has been always private about her life and has never revealed anything about herself.

However it is being reported that she was born in November 1982 and just turned 40 years old in November 2022.

Michael Oher wife Tiffany Roy has never revealed anything about her parents’ name, occupation or where did they come from. Even the details regarding the siblings of Michael oher’s longtime love Tiffany Roy is unknown.

Where did Michael oher wife tiffany roy get her education from?

The wife of Michael Oher got her schooling done from a local school. It is said that she was always brilliant in Michael Oher wife academics and always took active part in extra curriculars. The name of her school is yet unknown.

After completing her schooling, Michael oher wife went to the University of Mississippi to get her degree.

What is the net worth of Tiffany roy?

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Tiffany Roy’s family, residence, net worth, and other personal details are all unknown. Additionally, Tiffany Roy, Michael’s wife, is not on Instagram or any other social media site, despite the fact that Michael Oher shares personal information with followers via his Twitter and Instagram profiles. 

What does Tiffany michelle roy do?

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Entrepreneur,Michael Oher wife Tiffany Roy is a woman, She owns and operates her own internet business called The Feminish Collection. Along with doing this, she and her husband are vice presidents of Beat the Odds Inc.

Michael Oher wife supposedly co-leads the Oher Foundation with Michael and is the owner of the retail online clothing company Feminish Collection.

How did Tiffany and Michael oher meet?

It is said that during the college days, Tiffany and Michael oher met for the first time and this is where the relationship started.

Michael Oher wife Tiffany used to hear ” mike express ” as the star of the college football team and wanted to see the football player and that is how they met and soon started dating.

When did the relationship of Michael oher come out?


The information of Oher’s long-term union with Tiffany Roy shocked everyone online. Oher was detained in 2017 after getting into a fight with an Uber driver.

According to reports, the NFL star was inebriated when he got into the car according to the paperwork from the driver’s complaint.

The driver said that Oher requested that he accompany his wife’s automobile to a Nashville country club so that they may continue their night out there. The driver lost sight of Roy’s car, which infuriated Oher.

Oher was charged with misdemeanour assault following the incident. These accusations, nevertheless, were ultimately dropped.

Is Michael oher married now?

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The news of the star’s marriage to Tiffany Roy sent Michael Oher’s followers into a frenzy. Their social media accounts are overrun with messages of congratulations and well wishes.

Oher’s social media post makes it clear that he is joyful, as is obvious. He blessed them and thanked everyone who made it to their wedding.

The tennessee titans star married his longtime girlfriend on 5th November 2022 at the JW Marriot Hotel at Nashville. The wedding had a special Ballerina performance and also a second line band parade was organized by the bride’s side.

Does Michael oher have kids?

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The couple have been blessed with 4 kids. The name of their kids are sons Kobi, MJ and daughters kierstin and naivi.

Why was the Blind side a great hit?


The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, written by Michael Lewis in 2006, includes Oher as one of its topics. The New York Times Magazine released sections of the book prior to its publication under the title “The Ballad of Big Mike.”

John Lee Hancock adapted his section of the novel for the big screen. On November 20, 2009, The Blind Side was made available in the United States. Quinton Aaron plays Michael Oher in the film, which also stars Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw.

Both Best Picture and Best Actress for Bullock nominations for the Academy Awards were made for the film. For her depiction of Leigh Anne Tuohy, Bullock received an Oscar.

I Beat the Odds: From Homelessness to The Blind Side and Beyond, Oher’s autobiography, was published in 2011.

Interesting Facts about Tiffany michelle roy

Here are some interesting facts about Michael oher’s wife.

  • Michael Oher wife Tiffany has been private about her work and her personal life since the beginning. Evcen after becoming one of the most successful businesswomen, she chose to maintain her privacy.
  • Michael Oher wife Tiffany says that carrying on with Michael for 17 years was easy as the couple always understood each other and valued each others personal space.