Who is Tom Crean ?

ATHENS, GA – FEBRUARY 19: Head Coach Tom Crean of the Georgia Bulldogs looks on during a game against the Auburn Tigers at Stegeman Coliseum on February 19, 2020 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

Tom Crean is an American Collegiate basketball Coach, who has coach several basketball teams around America. Throughout his coaching career spanning more than 35 years almost, Crean has coached several teams including, Michigan State, Kentucky University, Pittsburgh University, Marquette University, and Indiana University.

He has won several coaching awards and allocades namely, C – USA coach of the year award, Clair Bee Coach of the Year award and the Big Ten Coach of the Year award.

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Who is Tom Crean’s wife Joani Harbaugh ?

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Austin, Texas, United States of America is the place of birth of Joani Harbaugh, Tom Crean Wife was born in 6 December, 1968 to her parents Jack Harbaugh and Jacqueline M.Cipiti.

Tom Crean Wife is the youngest member of her family, She grew up with two older brothers, John and Jim Harbaugh. 

Tom Crean Wife Joani Harbaugh attended the St. Francis Assisi Elementary School for her primary education.

Furthermore, Tom Crean Wife graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Tertiary Studies.

How did Joani Harbaugh career began ?

Tom Crean Wife

Tom Crean Wife Joani Harbaugh works as an Aerobics instructor, she comes from a sports enthusiasts family, which is why she chose aerobics in the first place.

Apart from Aerobics, Tom Crean Wife Joani is a homemaker and loves to look after her family and children in the mean time.

What is Joani Harbaugh Net Worth ?

The exact Net Worth of Tom Crean Wife Joani Harbaugh is still unknowns she hasn’t  disclosed anything about her fortune yet, however, Tom Crean Wife shares a massive amount of her husband, Tom Crean’s Net Worth.

According to some reports, Tom Crean has a massive Net Worth of approx $20 millions.

How did Joani Harbaugh and Tom Crean meet ?


Western Kentucky back in 1990, Joani Harbaugh and Tom Crean met for the first time. During that time,  Joani was still a student there.

The duo were introduced to each other through a common friend, Ron Burns.

Tom Crean Wife Joani Harbaugh was working as a Aerobics instructor at a gym when she met Tom. During that time, He was getting back from his previous relationship trauma when he met Joani, after some months passed away, Tom finally asked Joani out and the duo began dating.

The duo dated for several years before finally getting married, according to some reports, it was Tom Crean who proposed.

When did Joani Harbaugh and Tom Crean got married ?


Tom Crean and wife, Joani Harbaugh were college lovebirds, the duo dated for a long time before, getting married.

However, the exact date of their marriage is still unknown but, Joani Harbaugh and Tom got married several months after their engagement.

Who are the Kids of Tom Crean and Joani Harbaugh ?

Basketball coach, Tom Crean and wife, Joani Harbaugh are blessed with three beautiful children, two daughters and one son, Megan, Ainsley and Riley.

On 1990, Tom Crean’s wife, Joani gave birth to their first child, daughter named, Megan. According to her date of birth, Megan Crean is 25 currently.

Tom Crean and Joani Harbaugh’s second child, boy, Riley was born on April 12, 1999.

Riley is currently studying sports management at the University of Georgia. Prior, he graduated from Bloomington North High School.

Further, Riley has decided to join baseball. Currently, Riley is a right-handed pitcher for Georgia Bulldogs Baseball Team.

Their third child, daughter, Ainsley, was born on May 6, 2006.

Interesting facts about Tom Crean’s wife Joani Harbaugh ?

Tom Crean’s wife, Joani Harbaugh is a very secretive and shy kind of person and little is known about her personal life, However we have collected some of the lesser known things to the fans:

• Tom Crean Wife Joani Harbaugh comes from a football family background. Her father, Jack Harbaugh is a former American football player and coach. Jack Harbaugh is famously known for being a long time head coach at Western Kentucky.

• Joani Harbaugh’s older brothers, Jim and John are also football coaches. John is a super-bowl winning Head Coach at the Baltimore Ravens. While, Jim serves as the Head Coach of San Francisco 49ers.

• Tom Crean Wife Joani Harbaugh is active on social media platforms. Her twitter handle is @jmariec5. She shares pictures of herself and her family with her fans.

• Prior meeting with Tom Crean, Joani was a Aerobics instructor at a gym. Fun fact, Joani Harbaugh met Tom Crean when she was the Aerobics instructor at the same gym.

How did Tom Crean career began ?

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Born in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, Crean didn’t played basketball a lot, however, he was into coaching from the very beginning. Crean was an assistant coach at the Mount Pleasant High School during his college days at the Central Michigan University.

Crean began his coaching career professionally as he signed with the Alma University, he served their for two seasons till 1989, before moving to Michigan State University.

In 1990, Western Kentucky signed Crean as their assistant coach, he served their for four years before moving to the Pittsburgh University.

After that, Crean had a couple of short stints with Pittsburgh and Michigan State University.

In 1999, Marquette University appointed Tom Crean as their head Coach. Under his leadership, Marquette won the NCAA Division I Regional – Final Four and the C-USA Regular Season in the same year of 2003.


Crean left Marquette University having one of the best winning percentage (%) as Head Coach, 160 – 68 (.702). Moreover, he also won the C – USA coach of the year award two times and the Clair Bee Coach of the Award during his stint with the Marquette University.

Crean was appointed as the Head Coach of the Indiana University on 2008, he served for 9 years winning Big Ten Regular Season Championships two times.

After leaving Indiana University, Crean signed for University of Georgia on 2018, 15 March, as their new head coach. He served with Georgia University for four seasons before being fired.

Tom Crean is considered as of the best basketball coaches in the world, he has one of the best winning percentage and a record of 403 – 305 (.568).