Who is Al Horford?


A professional basketball player for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA), Alfred Joel Horford Reynoso was born in the Dominican Republic on June 3, 1986. 

Horford, often known as “Big Al,” is the highest-paid basketball player from Latin America and a five-time NBA All-Star.

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Who is Al Horford’s wife?

Al Horford Wife

Al Horford Wife Amelia Vega is an actress, writer, and singer who has made appearances in a number of movies and commercials. However, she is well recognised for being Al Horford’s wife, a well-known NBA star. Al Horford Wife Amelia Vega has always been preoccupied with modelling and fame. 

When Al Horford Wife was named Miss Dominican Republic in 2003, she began her career on television. She originally won Miss Santiago in 2002 before moving on to win Miss Dominican Republic. Amelia Vega, who won the title of Miss Universe in 2003, was the first Dominican woman to do so. 

Twenty years after Vega’s incredible journey began, the fashion and entertainment sectors still place a lot of importance on her.

Where does Al Horford’s wife Amelia come from?


Al Horford’s wife Amelia Vega was born on 7th November 1984 at Santo Domingo which is situated in the Dominican Republic.

Who are the parents and other relatives of Amelia Vega?

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Al Horford Wife Amelia heritage is 53/64 Dominican, 3/64 Cuban, and 1/8 (or 8/64) Lebanese; her parents are second cousins twice removed and both are derived from Cuban-born brothers José Nicolás Vega y Pichardo and José Rafael Vega y Pichardo. 

Through her Cuban ancestors, it is possible to connect Vega’s heritage to that of William the Conqueror, the English King, and Alfonso X, the Castilian King.

Al Horford Wife Amelia Vega is the niece in law of Juan Luis Guerra, who is a Grammy Award-winning singer. Al Horford Wife Amelia has been a first name or middle name for six generations of women in Vega’s family.

Where did Amelia Vega get her education from?

Al Horford Wife Amelia Vega went to a local school in Santo Domingo and was considered to be good in her studies and always took part in extra curricular activities. The name of her school is not known yet.

Al Horford Wife Amelia attended and completed her studies at Santo Domingo’s Barbizon Modeling and Acting School and this is where get got her graduation degree from.

How was the modelling career of Amelia?

Al Horford Wife Amelia wanted to be a great model since the beginning. Eventually after a lot of hard work and dedication, Amelia Vega went on to win the Miss Dominican Republic title in the year 2003.

Following her victory as Miss Dominican Republic, Vega competed in the Miss Universe 2003 pageant, which was held in Panama City on June 3, 2003. 

Al Horford Wife Amelia won the championship for the first time ever by a representative from this nation. She was the youngest woman to win Miss Universe since 1994 at the time, and as of 2022, she remains the tallest winner at 6’2″.

Did Al Horford’s wife also have a successful music career?

Al Horford Wife Amelia’s debut single, “Pasa Un Segundito,” was made available on iTunes on April 26, 2010, a year after she made her first demo and began performing in musicals in her hometown. 

In just two days, it rose to the top of the Latin charts. She surprises with her environmental song Smog a few months later. Her whole album “Agua Dulce” will be published on August 30, 2011, initially on iTunes, she revealed on her Twitter account. 

Al Horford Wife Amelia started spreading the word about her music throughout the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Panama, Puerto Rico, and “where she opened the show for Marc Anthony and Chayanne in front of an audience of 50,000 people.”

What is the net worth of Amelia Vega?

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By 2023, Al Horford Wife Amelia Vega’s net worth is expected to be $1 million. Her net worth excludes her possessions and earnings from other enterprises. 

The former Miss Universe, Amelia, has always worked in the television business. She has also benefited financially and professionally from her careers as a broadcaster and model. Al Horford Wife Vega also earns well from her several other shops and companies.

 Al Horford, her well-known husband, has a net worth of $60 million, minus the $113 million deal he signed with the Celtics in 2016.

How did Al Horford and Amelia Vega meet?

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It was in 2009 when the couple met for the first time at the Latin Pride awards. From there the couple had their first chat and soon after talking and a few dates, they fell for each other.

When did Al Horford get married?


Finally after dating for 2 years, Al Horford and Amelia Vega decided to tie the knot on 24th December 2011 at Santa Domingo, the hometown of Amelia.

How many children does Al Horford have?


By July 2022, Horford and Vega had four children together and were due for a fifth.

Where does Al Horford come from?

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Horford was born in the Dominican Republic’s Puerto Plata. Tito Horford, his father, spent three seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and numerous more abroad. 

Horford and his family relocated to Lansing, Michigan in 2000, where he attended Grand Ledge High School and was a standout basketball player. Horford has seven academic records, including the highest points in a career (1,239).

How has the career of Horford been till now?

He was the starting centre on the Florida Gators’ back-to-back National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) national championship teams in 2006 and 2007 while he was a collegiate basketball player for the school. 

He was selected by the Atlanta Hawks with the third overall choice in the 2007 NBA Draft; he spent nine seasons with this franchise until signing with the Celtics as a free agency during the 2016 off-season. 

Following three seasons with the Celtics, he signed with the 76ers in the 2019 offseason, where he spent one season before being sent to the Thunder in the 2020 offseason. 

Horford was moved to the Celtics before the 2021 season, and while playing for them, he made it to the NBA Finals.