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Who is the NBA star Damian Lillard?


Lamonte, Damian American professional basketball player Ollie Lillard Sr. was born on July 15, 1990. He plays for the National Basketball Association’s Portland Trail Blazers (NBA).

He was a third-team All-American in college basketball with the Weber State Wildcats in 2012. Lillard won the NBA Rookie of the Year award after being drafted by Portland with the sixth overall choice in the 2012 NBA draught.

The only player in Trail Blazers team history to garner six NBA All-Star and All-NBA Team selections is known as “Dame Time” for his track record of making clutch baskets.

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Who is Damian Lillard’s Wife Kay’la Hanson?

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Damian Lillard wife Kay’la Hanson, better known as the Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard’s wife, is a certified nurse and businesswoman.

After a decade-long loving connection, Kay’la joined the Lillard family and became Damian’s rock of support.

Kay’la Hanson, Damian Lillard’s wife, is a self-disciplined, energetic, and fiercely committed lady who is a great fit for someone like Lillard.

Where does Damian Lillard’s Wife Kay’la Hanson come from?


Damian Lillard wife was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on November 8, 1991.

Sadly, information on her parents and siblings has not been made public.

Nevertheless, we are aware that she is Puerto Rican by way of her mother. Her grandparents appear to be of African descent, according to her Instagram account.

Hanson’s adored grandma Mamelle passed away in 2016, while her grandpa did so before.

Where did Damian Lillard’s Wife Kay’la Hanson get her education from?

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Damian Lillard Girlfriend Hanson spent her early years and her adolescent years in Vegas with her friends and family, just like any other ordinary household.

Damian Lillard Girlfriend also graduated from Legacy High School in 2010 with her high school diploma.

Hanson then continued her education at Weber State University in Utah. She first met Damian Lillard there, which marked the beginning of her new life.

The young woman, who was 20 at the time, entered the medical industry to pursue a career as a medical student.

Damian Lillard Girlfriend Kay’la asserts that she used her Facebook account to study for a nursing course at Nightingale College in Salt Lake City, Utah.

What is the net worth of Kay’la Hanson?

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One may have just enjoyed the wealth if they were the fiancée of a famous and affluent national athlete.

Damian Lillard wife began off as a medical student but changed her mind and opened a beauty business in Oregon, Utah. And that appears to significantly meet her family’s requirements.

When estimating the typical income of a salon, she makes more than four figures. Therefore, it stands to reason that her net worth must be greater than $1 million.

Damian, her fiancé, earns an astounding $42.49 million a year, which has helped him amass a wonderful net worth of $100 million as of 2022.

What does the wife of Damian Lillard do?

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Despite pursuing a profession as a nursing student, Hanson has established a beauty parlour in Lake Oswego, Oregon called “DIPPED.”

Recently, the neighbourhood news station KOIN endorsed DIPPED as a top Mother’s Day gift idea for mothers.

Damian Lillard Girlfriend Hanson’s Instagram posts indicate that the salon is mostly concerned with the nail industry.

Damian Lillard wife Kay’La Hanson still takes pleasure in the care she gives to her patients even though she is now enrolled in the University of Portland’s doctorate of nurse practitioners degree.

The one-on-one care and foot massages Kay’La provided to her patients were frequently commended.

Damian Lillard Girlfriend acquired a dual passion for service and business over her six years of working in healthcare leadership.

She has launched her brand-new business, “KASICS,” which specialises in manicures, Pedicures and Nails.

Damian Lillard wife Hanson made the decision to operate her salon in the same city where Damian resided in order to support her fiancé and to grow her business smoothly.

How did Damian Lillard and Kay’la Hanson meet?

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The fact that Damian and Kayla attended the same college at Ogden’s Weber State University quickly sparked their romance.

While Hanson was attending medical school, our top player registered himself as a scholarship student through basketball.

Similarly, Hanson supported Lillard throughout his career and celebrated with him and his family when he was selected for the NBA.

We are unable to share the power couple’s romantic history at this time since they have not discussed it extensively.

We may still presume that it was a kind and loving relationship, though.

Because a relationship lasting 10 years would just be a fantasy without commitment and love for one another.

When did Damian Lillard and Kay’la Hanson get married?

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The speculations that the Lillard couple were getting married lately came to pass. The first week of September 2021 saw the wedding of the sporty pair.

In Santa Barbara, California, Hanson and Lillard exchanged vows in the name of God in front of just their immediate family and close friends.

Numerous NBA players and previous and present colleagues attended the event, which was a glitzy affair.

Additionally, rappers Common and Snoop Dogg were present, and they performed at the reception where Damian joined them and sang a special song in homage to his newlywed bride.

Who are the kids of Damian and Kay’la Hanson?

The couple are parents to kids. The name of the kids are Kali emma lee lillard, Damian lillard jr or Damian jr and Kalii laheem lillard.

Interesting Facts about Kay’la Hanson

Here are some interesting facts about Damian lillard wife.

  • Damian has more followers than his fiancée since he is a well-known national figure—more than 9.5 million, to be exact. Instagram has helped Hanson expand her business, monetize it, and stoke women’s passion for home design and cosmetics. Her majority of tweets and images serve to educate and inspire individuals, particularly women, to cultivate their personalities and willpower.
  • In 2018, Damian Lillard wife Kay’la gave birth to a child on the same day that Lillard’s brother was shot and wounded.
  • Lillard proposed to Kay’la Hanson, his longtime girlfriend, in February at All-Star Weekend in Chicago. They then got married.