Who is Adrien Broner?


Adrien Jerome Broner, born July 28, 1989, is a professional boxer from the United States. He has held four world titles: the WBO super featherweight title from 2011 to 2012, the WBC lightweight title from 2012 to 2013, the WBA welterweight title in 2013, and the WBA light welterweight belt from 2015 to 2016. He is notorious for his outrageous behaviour both inside and outside of the ring.

Broner was ranked fourth best light welterweight in the world by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board in July 2018, and eighth best current welterweight by BoxRec. 

The Ring magazine classified him as the world’s fifth greatest active fighter, pound for pound, in December 2012.

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Who is Adrien Broner Wife?

Adrien Broner’s wife, Arie Nicole, is a digital influencer and entrepreneur. Adrien Broner Wife rose to prominence after marrying the American professional boxer and former four-weight champion. 

The couple’s relationship began in 2012, and they married in 2015. They have three children together and are co-parenting others from Adrien’s prior relationships.

Despite various incidents that have affected their relationship, the couple has remained together despite all difficulties. As a result, questions regarding his wife’s personality and other issues have piqued the public’s curiosity.

Where does Adrien Broner Wife Arie Nicole come from?

Adrien Broner Wife

Adrien Broner Wife Arienne Gazaway, better known as Arie Nicole, was born Arienne Gazaway. Adrien Broner Wife actual birth date is unknown at the time, however based on our research, Adrien Broner Wife was born in the early and mid-1990s, putting her in her early 30s or late 20s.

Despite her celebrity, Adrien Broner Wife Arie has kept information about her childhood, family history, parents, and siblings private from the public. Nonetheless, we learned that Adrien Broner Wife is from Cincinnati, Ohio, which also happens to be the hometown of her husband, Adrien Broner.

What does Arie Nicole do?

Despite being in the spotlight due to her husband, Adrien Broner Wife Arie maintains her position as a businesswoman, fashion aficionado, and influencer. She owns and operates the Alay hair oil company. 

Though it is unknown if Adrien Broner Wife has an offline location, her products are sold online through the Alay beauty store, which displays hair oil catalogues as well as prices and delivery services.

Nonetheless, her husband’s job provides her with a comfortable lifestyle. Adrien is a well-known professional boxer who has competed against the likes of Antonio DeMarco and Gavin Rees. 

He also holds records in four weight classes in boxing: welterweight, lightweight, light-welterweight, and WBO junior lightweight.

How did Arie and Adrien Meet?

Arie and Adrien have been companions for a long time, as you might expect. However, the details of how they met are unknown, but we can assume that their relationship began sometime in 2012.

What is the present relationship status of the couple?

They had been dating for three years before getting engaged in November 2015. The couple celebrated the news with their Instagram followers, and Adrien Broner Wife Arie showed off her gorgeous diamond ring, which is valued $137,000.

There has been no word about their wedding since their engagement. Several sources, however, claim that they married in a private ceremony. Adrien also frequently refers to her as his wife to clarify their marital status.

Have the couple been separated?

A few months after their marriage, the couple announced their separation. This was exacerbated further by their public spat. While on a professional trip to Las Vegas to fight Floyd Mayweather, the boxer made a post about Arie not wanting him back in the house. He also stated that his past ruined his future.

In response, Adrien Broner Wife Arie stated that it is simple to be faithful, adding that when you genuinely love someone, no one can stand in the way.

As is well known, the couple’s relationship has been plagued by infidelity concerns on both sides. The boxer was originally linked to the artist Danielle Bregoli, often known as “Bhad Bhabie,” after sneaking into her DM and claiming he didn’t realise she was a child. 

Later, he was linked to an Instagram model who posted a mini-sex tape of herself and the boxer. This was followed by yet another sexual video with a different woman.

Despite this, they have apparently settled their disagreements and are still together.

How many Children do the couple have?


Arie and Adrien had three children together as of this writing: Adrien Jr., Aalayah, and Ahseir Julez. They do, however, co-parent additional children from prior relationships.

Adrien Jr. is the couple’s first child. He was born in the year 2015, when the couple was still dating. This indicates that the younger Adrien is currently 7 years old. There is no information on him, like his other siblings, save for images that his parents frequently share on their social media channels.

Aaliyah is the couple’s second child. She was born in March of 2016, one year after her elder brother. Aalayah is said to be the couple’s only child.

Ahseir, Arie and Broner’s third child and second boy, was born in March 2020. They uploaded many images of him on Instagram after announcing his arrival.

As previously stated, the boxer has additional children with different women. His first kid, also named Adrein Jr., was born in June 2007 and is now 15 years old. His mother’s identity has not been revealed, but we have learned that she is a nurse.

Adrien’s second kid, Armani Broner, is likewise the result of a prior relationship. He was born in October of 2009 and is presently 13 years old.

Adrein’s third child, Nene Broner, was born in November 2008. She is the older half-sister of KJ Broner and Admire Broner, both of whom were born to separate mothers.