Who is Ben Simmons?


Australian professional basketball player Benjamin David Simmons, who was born on July 20, 1996, plays for the Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 

A unanimous first-team All-American and the USBWA National Freshman of the Year, he played collegiate basketball for the LSU Tigers for one season. The Philadelphia 76ers picked Simmons with the first overall choice in the 2016 NBA Draft.

Who is Ben Simmons’ ex Girlfriend?

Ben Simmons Girlfriend

English television, radio, and DJ personality, Ben Simmons Girlfriend Maya Indea Jama. She co-presented Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer on BBC One with Peter Crouch and Alex Horne, and she will show Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star on BBC Three beginning with the third series (2021).

Where does Maya Jama come from?

North Wales Live

Ben Simmons Girlfriend Jama was born on 14th August 1994 and reared in Bristol, where she was born, and Ben Simmons Girlfriend went to Cotham School. She has Swedish ancestry on her mother’s side and Somali ancestry on her father’s.

Who are the parents of Maya Jama?

The Sun

Jama’s father spent the most of her youth behind bars for violent offences like fights and brawls at bars. When she was 12 years old, she made the decision to cease going to visit her father in jail, and she did so for ten years. 

Ben Simmons Girlfriend Jama stated that she didn’t really recognise it as an issue in an interview with The Guardian from 2017: “To me, it was ordinary. They did all in their ability to ensure that my brother and I didn’t feel like we were missing out on anything, and my dad’s side of the family was very supportive “.

Ben Simmons Girlfriend Jama gave in and decided to look at her relationship with her father, who had by that time been released from prison, while working on the 2017 documentary When Dads Kill, which dealt with young people’s experiences similar to her own childhood. 

Ben Simmons Girlfriend Jama met with him in an effort to get answers directly from him, but “nothing he said, and nothing his family told her, gave her any real insights” into how he had ended up in prison.

How did the television career of Maya start?

Ben Simmons Girlfriend Jama relocated to London in 2012 to seek a career in the media as an actress, TV presenter, and fashion model. Jama had originally wanted to be an actress, but she later realised that she could be more comfortable as a presenter. 

Early role inspirations for her included June Sarpong and Davina McCall. In her teenage years, Jama made her presenting debut by hosting the weekly music video countdown on JumpOff.TV. 

Ben Simmons Girlfriend Jama then worked for Sky UK on TRACE Sports. She served as the host of Maya’s FIFA World Cup Cities for Copa90 in 2014, a travelogue focusing on the Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup. 

Ben Simmons Girlfriend Jama also shared hosting duties for the nine-part World Cup Taxi series on Copa90. Jama began working for MTV as a presenter for The Wrap Up in August 2014.

How was the later career of Maya?

She presented the Rinse FM weekday show #DriveWithMaya from 2014 until 2017.

Ben Simmons Girlfriend Jama joined BBC Radio 1 in 2018 and now co-hosts every Friday with Scott Mills and Chris Stark as well as Radio 1’s Greatest Hits on Saturdays. She had her own programme, Maya Jama, on Fridays and Saturdays on BBC Radio 1 from 2018 until 2020.

Ben Simmons Girlfriend Jama hosted the Saturday night BBC One TV show Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer in early June 2020. Later same year, she co-hosted the New Year’s Eve special The Big New Year’s In on BBC One. 

The BBC announced in January 2021 that Jama will take over as the new host of Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star, succeeding Stacey Dooley, who had hosted the show’s first two seasons.

When Life Gives You Melons was a podcast broadcast by Jama in 2018 that was made accessible on streaming services in collaboration with Freya Lingerie. 

In the podcast, Jama conducted all-female interviews with guests to discuss relationships, work, and life. Vick Hope, Cherry Healey, Anna Richardson, Vanessa White, Katie Piper, Gemma Cairney, and Laura Whitmore were among the visitors.

The same year, Jama accepted a position as an ambassador for Savera UK, a British organisation that offers assistance to members of black ethnic minority populations who are at danger of domestic abuse. 

Ben Simmons Girlfriend gave blood for an NHS campaign in 2019, and it was discovered that she had the uncommon and sought-after Ro blood subtype.

Ben Simmons Girlfriend Jama got the People’s Choice Award for best dressed star in November 2019. In a 5G-enabled AR outfit, Jama subsequently opened and presented the 2020 EE BAFTA red carpet.

How did Ben Simmons and Maya Jama meet?

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Since the postseason began, Simmons and Jama have been linked by rumours, but their relationship was confirmed when they were spotted together at the Wimbledon in London. Maya has also made a few appearances in Philadelphia.

Were Ben Simmons and Maya jama engaged?

The Sun

Maya, 24, accepted Ben’s proposal in December 2021, and the two were engaged for eight months until splitting up. Ben Simmons proposed to Maya.

Following the engagement, the presenter was seen wearing a magnificent diamond ring, said to be worth £600,000. She even posted a photo of the stunning accessory to Instagram.

Why did Ben and Maya split up?


When Maya and Ben called off their engagement in August 2022, rumours started to circulate that they had split up because of their busy work schedules.

As much as they love one another, a source told the newspaper, “their constant occupations and unending travel made it absolutely impossible to make it work.”

In an interview with The Times in January 2023, she verified the information “Right now, I’m very, truly single. just divorced. Though it has barely been a month, it is pleasant.”

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