Are you a fan of football and interested in knowing who the most rushing yards quarterback is? Look no further, because we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Most Rushing Yards Quarterback in NFL history.

From legendary players like Fran Tarkenton to modern-day superstars such as Tom Brady and Drew Brees, this list will give you an idea of how these quarterbacks were able to combine their passing skills with their ability to run down the field. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover some impressive stats that make these QBs stand out from the rest!

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is widely regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. His ability to read defenses and deliver pinpoint passes allowed him to lead his teams to numerous victories throughout his career. However, what many people don’t know is that he was also a formidable runner on the field.

Peyton Manning is a former professional Football Player who played as a quarterback for about 18 years in the National Football League NFL. In his 18 year long career, he spent 14 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts and the rest 4 with the Denver Broncos. He is considered as the greatest quarterback of all time to have played the game. His long and illustrious career can vouch for it.

Peyton Manning holds a number of NFL records and NFL awards to his name starting from a number of MVP awards, the quarterback first team All Pro selections, 4000 passing yards season, single season passing yards and the very difficult single season passing touchdowns. The records established by him seem impossible to be broken as during his playing days, he used to be a beast on the pitch with the hunger to win.

He is also ranked third in passing yards and passing touchdown records. He proved that he is the best when he went on to lead both the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos to two super bowl finals each single handedly. He is the only quarterback in the history to have super bowl finals start with two different franchises. Because of his great career, he was inducted into the College Football Hall of fame in the year 2017 and the Pro Football hall of Fame in 2021.

During his 18-year career, Manning rushed for an impressive total of 14,210 yards, putting him at the top of our list of most rushing yards quarterback. This may come as a surprise to some fans who mainly remember him for his dominant passing game.

Manning’s running ability wasn’t just limited to short yardage situations either. He was known for breaking off long runs downfield and even had several rushing touchdowns throughout his career.

It’s important to note that while Manning wasn’t necessarily known for being a mobile quarterback like some of his contemporaries, he still found ways to use his legs effectively when needed.

All in all, Peyton Manning’s inclusion on this list further cements his legacy as one of the most versatile and talented quarterbacks in NFL history.

Brett Favre – 13,385

Brett Favre is a name that many NFL fans will recognize as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. With 13,385 rushing yards under his belt, it’s clear that he was not only an expert passer but also a skilled runner on the field.

Favre’s career spanned over two decades, during which he played for multiple teams. He was known for his toughness and durability, often playing through injuries to lead his team to victory.

One of Favre’s strengths was his ability to scramble and extend plays with his legs. This allowed him to make big gains downfield or avoid sacks from opposing defenses.

However, Favre wasn’t just a mobile quarterback – he also had great accuracy and arm strength when throwing the ball. His combination of passing and rushing skills made him one of the most well-rounded QBs in history.

Brett Favre’s legacy as a player goes far beyond just his rushing yards. But it’s still impressive to see him among the top 10 quarterbacks in this category – a testament to how versatile and talented he truly was on the field.

Drew Brees – 12,718

Drew Brees is one of the most recognizable figures in American football history. He’s a Super Bowl MVP, a 13-time Pro Bowler and has amassed over 80,000 passing yards throughout his illustrious career. But what many people may not know is that he’s also one of the top rushing quarterbacks in NFL history.

With an impressive total of 12,718 rushing yards to his name, Drew Brees was never considered as a running quarterback during his career due to his tremendous ability as a passer. However, when called upon to use his legs to extend plays or pick up crucial first downs on third-and-short situations, Brees was more than capable.

It’s worth noting that while Brees isn’t known for being particularly fast or elusive on the ground like some other quarterbacks such as Michael Vick or Lamar Jackson he still managed to rack up enough yardage over time through sheer consistency and determination.

Drew Brees’ success both through the air and on the ground makes him one of the greatest all-around quarterbacks in NFL history.

Tom Brady – 12,271

Tom Brady is a name that comes to mind when talking about the most successful quarterbacks of all time. However, many people do not know that he has also rushed for an impressive 12,271 yards in his career. Despite being known for his passing skills, Brady has shown that he can be a threat on the ground as well.

In fact, during his early years with the New England Patriots, Brady was often called upon to scramble and make plays with his legs. While he may not have had the speed or agility of some other quarterbacks, he made up for it with intelligence and quick decision-making.

As he has aged and become more experienced in the league, Brady’s rushing numbers have understandably decreased. However, even at 43 years old and playing for a new team in Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he still managed to run for 6 touchdowns in the 2020 season.

Tom Brady’s ability to rush effectively while also excelling as a passer is just another reason why so many fans consider him one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

Dan Marino – 11,937

Dan Marino is a football legend who played for the Miami Dolphins from 1983 to 1999. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, and his impressive career numbers reflect that.

Marino’s total rushing yards may not be as high as some other quarterbacks on this list, but he made up for it with his incredible passing ability. In fact, Marino still holds several NFL records for passing yards and touchdowns.

One thing that set Marino apart was his quick release and accuracy. He had an uncanny ability to read defenses and find open receivers downfield. This allowed him to rack up huge yardage totals without relying on running plays or scrambling out of the pocket.

Despite never winning a Super Bowl, Marino’s impact on the game cannot be overstated. He paved the way for modern quarterbacks like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning with his innovative style of play, and remains an inspiration to young players everywhere.

Eli Manning – 11,839

Eli Manning, the former quarterback of the New York Giants, is among the top 10 most rushing yards quarterbacks in NFL history. With a total of 11,839 rushing yards throughout his career, Manning was not known for his mobility on the field but rather for his exceptional passing abilities.

Despite not being considered as a running quarterback like Michael Vick or Cam Newton, Manning managed to rack up impressive yardage through occasional runs and smart decision-making when it came to scrambling out of trouble. His ability to read defense and make quick decisions allowed him to extend plays and gain valuable yards when needed.

Manning’s longevity in the league also contributed greatly to his overall rushing yardage. He played for 16 seasons with both the Giants and briefly with the Indianapolis Colts before retiring in early 2020. During that time, he consistently remained one of the league’s top quarterbacks and helped lead his team to two Super Bowl victories.

Although Eli Manning may not be remembered primarily for his rushing prowess, there is no denying that he deserves a spot on this list as one of NFL’s all-time greats.

Philip Rivers – 11,513

Philip Rivers, the quarterback who played most of his career with the San Diego Chargers (now Los Angeles), is one of the NFL’s best players. He ranks seventh in all-time rushing yards for quarterbacks, with a total of 11,513 yards.

Rivers was never known for his running ability or speed but rather his longevity and durability. Despite being an immobile pocket passer, he managed to pick up positive yardage when necessary and even scored five touchdowns on the ground throughout his career.

What makes Rivers’ achievement unique is that it came from sheer persistence instead of natural talent. His hard work and dedication allowed him to rack up a significant amount of rushing yards over time.

While some may argue that Rivers’ ranking on this list isn’t significant compared to other quarterbacks like Peyton Manning or Brett Favre, it’s important to recognize the impact he had on the game as a whole. His contribution helped shape football history and paved the way for future generations of talented athletes.

Philip Rivers’ inclusion in this list serves as a testament to how perseverance can lead to success regardless of inherent talent or physical attributes.

Ben Roethlisberger – 10,949

Ben Roethlisberger is one of the most successful quarterbacks in NFL history. Throughout his career, he has amassed an impressive 10,949 rushing yards, which ranks him eighth on our list of the Top 10 Most Rushing Yards Quarterbacks.

Roethlisberger’s size and strength have played a significant role in his ability to gain yards on the ground. Standing at six feet five inches tall and weighing over 240 pounds, he possesses a rare combination of power and agility that allows him to evade defenders with ease.

During his time with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Roethlisberger has consistently demonstrated his willingness to scramble when necessary. In fact, many of his most memorable plays involve him breaking free from pressure in the pocket and using his legs to extend drives or score touchdowns.

Despite being known primarily for his passing prowess, Roethlisberger’s ability to run with the ball is a testament to how well-rounded of a player he truly is. He remains an integral part of any team’s offensive strategy and continues to inspire awe among fans around the world with every game-changing play he makes.

Aaron Rodgers – 10,438

Aaron Rodgers is one of the most skilled quarterbacks in NFL history, and his rushing yards prove just how versatile he is on the field. With 10,438 rushing yards under his belt, Rodgers has proven time and time again that he’s a force to be reckoned with.

What makes Rodgers stand out among other quarterbacks is his ability to extend plays with his legs. He isn’t afraid to take off running when there are no open receivers downfield, and he knows exactly how to make defenders miss with his quick footwork.

Rodgers also has an uncanny ability to scramble for first downs when needed. Whether it’s on third-and-long or in a crucial moment during a playoff game, he always seems to find a way to pick up those extra few yards.

Despite being known primarily as a pocket passer, Aaron Rodgers’ rushing abilities cannot be overlooked. His agility and speed have helped him become one of the top quarterbacks in the league today.

Fran Tarkenton – 9,886

As we wrap up our list of the top 10 most rushing yards quarterback, it’s clear that these athletes are not only skilled passers but also adept runners. From Peyton Manning to Brett Favre and Drew Brees to Tom Brady, these quarterbacks have demonstrated their ability to create plays on the field in more ways than one.

But let’s not forget about Fran Tarkenton, who rounds out our list with an impressive 9,886 rushing yards. Despite being a smaller quarterback in stature, Tarkenton was known for his agility and quickness on the field. He paved the way for modern-day quarterbacks who excel both as pocket passers and scrambling playmakers.

We can’t wait to see which quarterbacks will join this list in the years to come as new talent emerges and records continue to be broken. One thing is certain: football fans will always appreciate a good rushing QB!

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