Who is Dana White?

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American businessman Dana Frederick White Jr., born on July 28, 1969, is the head of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), an international mixed martial arts federation. White’s net worth was estimated to be $500 million in August 2019.

White gave a speech during the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, endorsing Donald Trump as the party’s nominee. 

After the UFC initially started, according to White, Trump supported it by letting it have its first event under Zuffa management (UFC 30) at the Trump Taj Mahal when other venues turned the UFC down.

Who is Dana White wife Anne?

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Dana White is a businessman and the president of the UFC. Dana White Wife, Anne White is his devoted and encouraging wife. After being married to him, she gained fame.

Dana White Wife, Louise is quite private about her personal life. Dana White Wife, Anne has kept a considerable distance from social media and hasn’t disclosed anything about her private life or family background.

Anne White, Dana White’s wife, is a sympathetic and helpful individual. She has supported her husband through good times and bad, encouraging him to achieve his goals and realise all of his desires.

Dana White Wife, frequently appears with him at gatherings, picture sessions, and game nights.

Dana White Wife, Dana can rely on Anne to assist him handle his family and personal matters at home while he is focused on running the UFC. Without Anne White’s assistance, Dana White would not have reached his current position.

Read on to discover everything there is to know about Dana White Wife, Anna White, including her early years, romantic relationships, and financial status.

Where does Anne White come from?


The stunning athlete’s wife, Dana White Wife, Anne Louise Stella, was born in the US on January 16, 1969. She is currently 54 years old.

Dana White Wife, hasn’t disclosed any details about her family, childhood, parents’ occupations, or any other private matters.

Dana White Wife, Anne takes every effort to be unseen and seems to enjoy living under the radar. She may not frequently be seen hanging out at nightclubs for this reason.

Instead of going out with her husband, she would like to spend her free time with her friends, relatives, or people she can relate to easily.

Where did Anne white get her education from?

Dana White Wife,
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Hermon High School graduate Anne. It is still unknown what more academic degrees she may have earned and what employment experience she may have had.

Dana White Wife, has been in the spotlight for a long time, yet it is still challenging to find out what she has accomplished professionally.

It’s possible that Dana White Wife, Anne White has a secret job that keeps her busy while she’s not out there helping her husband, or she might be involved in several prosperous business endeavours that don’t require her to be active in their daily management.

What does Anne White do?


Dana White Wife professional background is still unknown.

Even though Dana White Wife has lived a substantial portion of her life in the public eye, it might be difficult to learn about her career accomplishments.

When she isn’t helping her husband, she may have luxuries that keep her occupied.

As an alternative, she may participate in a variety of productive firm activities while avoiding day-to-day operations.

How did Anne and Dana white meet?

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The pair first connected in eighth grade, which is equal to meeting in year nine in England and Wales, year three in Scotland, or year ten in Northern Ireland in the UK.

In 1987, they both graduated from Hermon High School in Maine, but they went to different institutions. Dana White spent a semester each at Quincy College and the University of Massachusetts in Boston, but he didn’t fulfil either institution’s graduation requirements. 

After receiving threats from mafia leader Whitey Bulger and his sidekick Kevin Weeks, he subsequently relocated to Las Vegas.

When did Anne white and Dana white get married?

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The couple wed in Las Vegas on November 8, 1996, in front of friends and family. In addition, their marriage has produced three children for them.

They had been wed for more than 20 years. Dana White Wife Dana has been accused of cheating on more than one occasion, but Dana White Wife Anne still has total trust in him and has refused to give in to untrue accusations.

Does Dana white have kids?


As a result, the Whites have two sons, Dana III and Aidan, and a girl, Savannah. Dana is a reclusive individual who keeps his wife Anne out of the public eye.

Dana White Wife Dana III is a professional American football player who at present plays at collegiate level.

Rarely are photos of Dana White Wife Anne having a good time with her husband or visiting nightclubs.

What are the body measurements of Anne White?

We are curious about the height of Dana White’s wife, who has shaped the UFC. In comparison to her actual height of 5 feet 5 inches, Anne appears to be rather tall.

She has a slim and elegant physique. Her hips, waist, and breast measurements are 38-32-40 inches. Her bra size is 36B and she wears (UK) 6 shoes (UK). Anne has gorgeous brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Despite being 55 years old, she nevertheless emanates youthful vitality. She also has stunning brown eyes and a smile.

What happened on new year eve between Dana and Anne?

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A physical incident between White and his wife was captured on camera on New Year’s Eve in a Cabo San Lucas, Mexico nightclub.

The two can be seen conversing on the footage, and when White seems to lean in to say something, Anne can be seen striking her husband. White attempts to smack Anne again after swiftly returning the favour by doing so.

Partygoers intervened to break up the brawl and separate the two.

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